Monday, July 21, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Former Border Patrol Agent Warns What’s Coming

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Former Border Patrol Agent Warns What’s Coming: James Simpson
The True Size of the Adult Immigration Wave, Revealed: John Hayward
Ted Cruz Fox News Sunday interview on stopping Obama’s amnesty: Scoop

No Longer Just: Jack Butler
Has Obama checked out?: Cove
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To Understand The Present, Remember The Past (with tweets): Brian Cates
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Gov. Rick Perry to deploy 1,000 National Guard troops to RGV: The Monitor

Has Citizenship Jumped The Shark?: Derek Hunter
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Fore! Obama Hits Links For 11th Weekend In A Row, Round #182: WZ


The cost of liberalism: Detroit’s water war: DTG
As Births Slow, P&G Turns to Adult Diapers: WSJ
New York gun range in business for 73 years forced to close: Fox

Scandal Central

Luis Gutierrez to La Raza: Obama Assured Steps to 'Stop the Deportation of Our People': Breitbart
Operation Choke Point Hearing Reveals DOJ Threats And Strong-Arming: DC
‘Test it on Brits:’ Snowden says GCHQ even worse than NSA: RT


FOX News Buries Competition In Coverage of Ukraine: LI
Cowardly ANSWER Communists Violently Harass Me at Anaheim Police Brutality Protest: AmPower
Spectator: London Rally 'Disgusting Anti-Semitic Spectacle': TR

Angelina Jolie ‘Hates’ Obama; Believes He is Really a ‘Socialist in Disguise’: TPNN
Prominent Cleric Denounces Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Anal Jihad’ Practices: Mediaite
71 Percent of Obama Voters Regret Voting for Obama: TPNN (2/14)

Stealing Our Country: MB
The New York Times: All The News Hamas Sees Fit to Print: WS
Chicago Tribune reporter John Chase on the record: Why he warned Blago about the wiretap: IP2P


For the Sake of the People of Gaza, Support the IDF: DiploMad
Obama Admin Sending Al-Qaeda Reinforcements, To Announce Release of 6 Gitmo Detainees: WZ
Thousands of Christians flee Mosul after ISIS jihadis give them deadline to convert, pay or die: DailyMail

What Really Happened at the Don Yitzchak Abarbanel Synagogue in Paris?: Gates of Vienna
UNRWA Gives Rockets to Hamas; Why is U.S. Still Funding It?: Evelyn Gordon
Canada: Muslim mob chanting “kill the Jews” assaults supporters of Israel: JihadWatch

Kerry Mocks Israel Over “Hot Mic”: “It’s A Hell Of A Pinpoint Operation”: WZ
‘My Bad’ Says State Department Official Tweeting Support for Hamas: Sara Noble
Must Watch Video – Rep. Massie Calls for Release of Secret 9/11 Documents Upon Reading Them: Michael Krieger

Obama Administration Suppresses Talk of Muslim Persecutions: Gatestone
Despite Bomb Threats, Ten Thousand Attend Huge Pro-Israel Rally in NYC: Treehouse
Thousands march in downtown Chicago in support of Palestinians: Trib

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Bye-bye billion-dollar industry: Mink brings 3D-printed makeup home: Alltop
Tired of being spied on? These startups try to keep your secrets safe: VB
One of My Most Frequent Pieces of Advice: Be Politely Persistent: Mark Suster


Progressive’s Law of “Millionaire Denialism” as explained by Kemosabe: MOTUS
I like the cut of this fellow's jib - Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Edition: Instapundit
British Royal Guard Plays Game of Thrones Theme Outside Buckingham Palace: Mediaite

Image: Progressive’s Law of “Millionaire Denialism” as explained by Kemosabe
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QOTD: "Zach Taylor is a 27 year veteran Border Patrol agent with supervisory experience. He has testified before Congress as an expert witness on criminal activity in wilderness areas. His message is credible. He accuses the federal government in a coverup that is deliberately shielding critical information from the public.

Taylor says that whoever is perpetrating the border crisis is engaged in a perfect asymmetrical military tactic. While the American people focus on “the children,” he points out that they are actually only a tiny proportion of the people crossing the border. That we are apprehending about 10 percent of the illegal border crossers, and that the other 90 percent are not children. Since only 10 – 15 percent of those apprehended are children, that means we are focused on about 1 percent of the problem. The adults that we are missing are bringing in weapons, personnel and supplies while our attention is diverted by the needs of the children.

He says a very credible informer told him that that the most dangerous crime element in Mexico City is Russian Mafia. That means KGB. Few people know this, but the Soviets entered a secret pact with Mexico very early in the last century, almost certainly with the eventual aim of utilizing Mexico’s strategic position in offenses against the U.S. There is little doubt in my mind that the border crisis is an endgame strategy designed to bring in the people and weapons that will kill us." --James Simpson


Anonymous said...

When given ether for surgery I obeyed the Doctor's kind words as they placed the cloth over my nose and mouth, "relax and breath deeply".
The next time though I was ready, and taking a deep breath I held it to avoid the odor and the experience. I heard a soft chuckle but they were persistent and soon I was asleep and under the knife again.
Relax America, we will soon be landing safely. The Obama Miasma is only unpleasant when you fight it.

Anonymous said...

Barry needs his RasPUTIN as the Serbs needed Archduke Ferdinand.
In this age of diversity the biggest casualty is the truth.