Thursday, July 31, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The non-militia answer to Obama’s illegal amnesty

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The non-militia answer to Obama’s illegal amnesty: Real Revo
Gutierrez: We Need Amnesty To 'Punish' Anyone Against Illegal Immigration: WZ
'Brazen' Attacks by Illegals Against Border Patrol Increase: Fox

On Impeachment: Protein Wisdom
Vulnerable Dems balk at Obama actions: Hill
Bachmann: ‘We Saw Border Processing, Not Border Security’: CNS

Say, the Clinton's `Speaking Fees' Sure Look Like Hefty Foreign Bribes: PJM
Obama and the road not taken: Victor Davis Hanson
Father of Obamacare Makes a “Speak-O”: Larry Elder

This is Inexcusable: Erick Erickson
Cruz whipping tonight against Boehner border bill: Robert Costa
Crazy Nancy Pelosi: No 'Deportation without Representation': Breitbart


You Too Can Exploit Open Border for Easy Money: MB
Employers Already Dumping Coverage Thanks To Obamacare: LoneCon
Obama, Emanuel need to put Chicago’s kids first: John Kass

Scandal Central

New Emails Reveal Lois Lerner’s Deep-Seated Hatred of Conservative Americans: GWP
How Clintons Turned State Department into Racket to Line Their Own Pockets: Daley Gator
JW Forces Release of Clinton State Department Conflict of Interest Docs: JW

Bachmann: Central Americans Laugh At U.S. For Not Securing Border: CNS
Prominent Democrats and Republicans Say Cuomo Broke Laws With Moreland Interference: MenRec
The Home Front: Mark Steyn

Climate & Energy

Senate Report: Left-Wing 'Billionaire's Club' Controlling US Economy and Subverting Democracy: Breitbart
Global warming orthodoxy is irrational and wicked: Nigel Lawson
Dear ________________: (A Letter From the EPA): Hideout


Secretive Leftwing Network Discovered through Wisconsin Records Law.: Instapundit
MSNBC Guest: Jews Control the Media and Hide Coverage of Gaza Conflict: Sooper
Why 'Stupid' Liberals Succeed: Evan Sayet

The Right Still Refuses To 'Fight Fire With Fire': Horowitz
Top House Dem: Of Course We’re Running on Impeachment, We Have Nothing Else: JWF
Greg Sargent’s Own Goal Worse than Previously Believed: Leon Wolf

Obama's Broken Teleprompter: WFB
Obama: My Muslim Family’s Polygamy was Empowering: Daniel Greenfield
Media Matters pwnt by commie girl: Twitchy


Rep. Keith Ellison Takes Side Of Hamas, Wants Blockade Ended: RWN
Three Reasons that Israel Should Destroy Hamas Now : PJM
ISIS Threatens to Step Into Gaza Conflict, Fight the ‘Barbaric Jews’: PJM

ISIS Butchers Slaughter 1,500 Young Iraqi Men; Scene “Reminiscent... of Nazi Germany": FreeLight
AND SO IT BEGINS: ISIS Makes Inroads in Terror Plagued Kashmir, India: GWP
UN Official admits Hamas firing rockets “from the vicinity of UN facilities”: LI

As Jews flee Europe, the sneering media admonished again: Hot Air
Israeli Knesset Member: Obama Talked To Netanyahu Like He Was The “Leader Of The Taliban”: WZ
BROOKLYN: Anti-Muslim flyers distributed throughout Bensonhurst apartment complex: BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How deadly Ebola has spread across the globe: DailyMail
These Microshutters Will Power NASA's Telescopes of the Future: Gizmodo
Android grabs record 85 percent smartphone share: CIO


You're welcome irony: Sondrakistan
Fans of Harry Potter More Likely to Overcome Bigotry: Rational Beacon
Caption: C&S

Image: Desperate Democrats Can't Escape Obama, by Ramesh Ponnuru
Sponsored by: Tell Congress the conditions for approving Pres. Obama's emergency funding request!

QOTD: "Operation Protective Edge marks the third round against Hamas in the last five years. In reality, we are in one long never-ending war of attrition, whose intensity is only growing. This war is eroding Israeli deterrence against its near and distant enemies, and it must end decisively.

The security situation demands an unequivocal victory. Israel must not repeat the mistake of the "Pillar of Defense understandings." Understandings of this kind should be rejected outright. They don't hold water and Hamas is doing everything in its power to undermine them. In every sense of the word.

To return security to Israelis and to residents of the south in particular, we must reach a situation where Gaza has been disarmed of missiles, rockets and attack tunnels. We must secure an end to this war of attrition, and we have the full legitimacy to do so. There isn't a country out there that wouldn't agree that if a terrorist organization was camped on its border, it would disrupt the everyday lives of its citizens, endangering their lives over the years.

Demilitarization is a must. If it isn't done through a political arrangement, it must be executed through force." --MK Shaul Mofaz

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

With 20% real unemployment, a shriveled job market, a rotten business environment, and inflation kicking in it is no time to accept illegal aliens.
The Democrat mantra as they championed planned parenthood was "every child - a planned and wanted child". Now, as unplanned and unwanted children flood the Country they want more of it.
Had they welcomed all unplanned and unwanted American fetuses they would not have locked down a dependent voting block. One can only surmise that murder, law breaking, tampering, distortion of facts, destruction of evidence, poor memories, and the crafting of golden parachutes represent the true Democrat MO.