Thursday, July 17, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Are We There Yet?

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Are We There Yet?: Woodpile Report
The Turbulent Summer of 2014: Victor Davis Hanson
Maryland Governor: Keep Them Illegals Out of My State: Ace

White House: Migrants’ Privacy Trump Americans’ Right To Know: Neil Munro
Great news from Harry Reid: “The border is secure”: Hot Air
Armed Citizens Gather in Michigan, Protest 'Invasion' of Illegals: Breitbart

We don't need any new immigration laws: Ace
Leaked Intel Proves Obama is Lying About Flood of Illegals: LiberalLogic
The Big Snub: Did Udall Strategy Do More Campaign Harm Than Good?: PJM

Brandeis Needs a New Slogan: Ace
Concealed Carrier Defends Herself, Helps Destroy Carjacking Gang!: Bob Owens
CHANGE: Bloods gang threaten to kill more NJ city cops: PoliceOne


All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants: CIS
DHS Secretary: ICE to Run Out of Money in August: PJM
Obama plans 16-day Martha's Vineyard vacation on $12m estate: Exam

Scandal Central

VA Nurse: Dying Vets Denied Painkillers: MenRec
Miller: Veterans Benefits Administration Tried to Spy On Investigators: Heather Smith
Will Eric Holder Ever Run Out of Race Cards?: Larry Elder

McDaniel's Lawyer: We Have Enough Evidence To Launch Official Election Challenge: Breitbart
Boyle: McDaniel Camp Found '8,300 Vote Irregularities': Breitbart
Rove American Crossroads in Mississippi Controversy: AmSpec

Obama Pulls Immigration Judges From Cases, Gives Illegal Aliens Many More Years to Stay: Schlussel
It's Not 'Unaccompanied Minors': McAllen Flooded with Thousands of Adult Illegal Alien Criminals: AmPower
Complaining About Illegal Immigrant Invasion Can Get You Three Years in Maryland: MB

Climate & Energy

Man With World’s Largest Carbon Footprint Releases Climate Change Initiatives: Cove
RIP Australia’s Carbon Tax: WUWT
Splinters in her crotch: ConservativeWife


Remember the Woman Who Said Obama Would Pay her Mortgage?: TPNN
Rolling Stone Anti-Gun Nuts Prove Firearm Ignorance in 5 Easy Steps: MRC
Bloomberg reporter Karen Weise "misses" Obama bundler in CFPB renovation scandal: Mark Tapscott

The Border Crisis Stories the Networks Aren't Telling You About: MRC
Is a fear of 'getting Koch'ed' hurting Republican super PACs?: David M. Drucker
NYT: Obama Finds Solace in Late Night Dinners with Celebrities and Italian Intellectuals: Ace

Nothing to See Here: Muslims Attack French Jews, Nets Silent: MRC
WaPo: Five Pinocchios for Obama in two days on economic claims: Hot Air
Greg Gutfeld Sums Up Obama: “We gave Him America. In Return, He gave us Detroit.”: FreeLight


Winning the Moral High Ground is a Loser's Game: Daniel Greenfield
U.S. Selling $11B in Weaponry to Gulf State That Supports Hamas, Syrian Jihadists: CNS
What Leading Democrats are Saying About the Holocaust will Shock You!: TPNN

Russian Intelligence Moves Back Into Cuba: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Houston: Mosque protests plans for new bar: Creeping
Police: Al Qaeda Magazine Suggesting Attack On US Open: CBS New York

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Meet CISA – Dianne Feinstein’s Latest Attack On Privacy, Civil Liberties And The Internet: ZH
Dead in Japan? Yahoo Ending has all you need: CIO
Google likely trillion dollar company: Tech pro: CNBC


The House Of Special Purpose: Camp o' the Saints
Hillary's $2,777 PER MINUTE speaking contracts REVEALED: Daily Mail
​10,000yo Indian cave paintings of ‘aliens, spaceship’ puzzle archaeologists: RT

Image: Hillary's $2,777 PER MINUTE speaking contracts REVEALED
Sponsored by: Protest Times and Locations for July 18-19 National Protests Against Amnesty

QOTD: "Democratic super PACs have outraised their Republican counterparts by millions, a factor attributed in part to GOP donors' fear of being targeted by the Internal Revenue Service -- or “getting Koch'ed.”"

...“Certainly, there is some abiding sense of distrust that people who give to these super PACs will be looked at more closely by federal authorities,” said Fred Malek, the finance chairman at the Republican Governors Association and a longtime major donor to GOP causes and candidates.

Added Charlie Spies, a Republican attorney who has run various super PACs, including the main outside group that supported Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential bid: "With some donors, Sen. Reid's concerted effort to demonize political giving as made an impact."" --David M. Drucker


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That Woodpile blog post is the best one I have seen in months.

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Thank you, Doug. Your generosity is much appreciated.