Sunday, October 04, 2015

BLUE STATE UTOPIA: Illinois enters fourth month without a budget; standoff could mean lights out at Capitol

In the unfolding -- and somewhat hilarious Blue-on-Blue war between the Democrat-Union Axis and the people of Illinois who unfailingly elect them -- the nation's most broke-ass state is going on its fourth month without a budget.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White warned the governor this week that the ongoing budget standoff would cause major problems at government facilities statewide, "including the possibility that the electricity could be shut off at the Capitol".

Please consider: "Illinois' budget standoff could mean lights out at Capitol" (the article itself disappeared from the IUSB website, so the link goes to the cached version):

The law enforcement officials testified last week at an Illinois House hearing in Springfield. We may have had the worst credit rating of any state, an incalculable pension problem and, at the time, almost the highest unemployment in the nation, but at least things weren't as bad as in Washington. Democrats want the first-term governor to agree to raise taxes to help close a multibillion-dollar deficit, but the governor has said he won't do so until legislators sign off on pro-business changes he wants. No budget means hundreds of state police training classes are canceled.

Over at the official newsletter of big government -- you may know it as Politico -- Natasha Korecki notes what the governor may want to do:

We’ve now passed the 90-day mark without a state budget. With bill backlogs, a mounting deficit, and social services headed for a free-fall, General Assembly members are talking revolt. There’s mounting pressure for Gov. Bruce Rauner to call a special session and keep members in the capital – not for one day a week like this summer – but for as long as it takes to cut a grand bargain.

Nothing makes me smile more than the thought of Illinois lawmakers screaming at each other in the dark when the electricity gets shut off due to non-payment.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Anonymous said...

25 % of Illinois Budget goes for union pensions,, Illinois, Chicago Cook County all are dead broke ,, Blue on Blue laugh on Illinois voters. LOL