Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trey Gowdy Smacks Elijah Cummings Around Over Leaks/Stonewalling on Benghazi Committee with Epic 13-Page Letter

By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

This is pure political gold - you just have to read Trey Gowdy's letter to Elijah Cummings. He deftly smacked him alongside the head over the Benghazi Committee and his leaks and stonewalling techniques that have done nothing but throw sand in the gears of the proceedings. It was epic and masterful. Gowdy simply eviscerated Cummings. I think he obliterated the two brain cells the man had left. The Democrats have done nothing but throw baseless allegations around concerning the Benghazi Committee. They have not called one new witness in months. No document requests have been made either. Cummings and his fellow Marxists finagled their way onto the committee to drag it down and kill it procedurally. It was all arranged and pre-planned. The only ones mischaracterizing testimony here are the Democrats. It's what they do.

From Townhall:

This story was more or less lost in the noise of yesterday's palace intrigue, but it's too important to simply let lie.  Do yourself a favor and click through to Gowdy's letter before proceeding any further. Read the entire thing. It's extraordinary, on several levels: First, Gowdy summons his prosecutorial vigor to absolutely demolish the ranking Democrat on the House Select Committee on Benghazi.  Democrats have seized upon erstwhile Speaker-in-waiting Kevin McCarthy's ill-advised comments to try to shut down the panel's probe -- a continuation of their ongoing, partisan efforts to dismiss its focus as a "phony scandal" and to portray the investigation as a political witch hunt.  Gowdy has been unsparing in his rejection of McCarthy's since-abandoned characterization and unflagging in his defense of the committee's work.  In response to Democrat Elijah Cummings' endless attacks and accusations, the South Carolina Republican drops the hammer:

Cummings, Gowdy continues, has been acting on duties "not to the American public, but to your Democrat colleagues and to the administration, including former Secretary Clinton," adding that he's disappointed in the Democrat's "complete lack of interest in gathering any facts."  Again, read the whole thing. The letter goes on to ridicule Cummings for objecting to the release of some Clinton emails, noting that both Mrs. Clinton and Cummings himself have stated that all of the messages should be made public: "Only in Washington, DC can both the author of the emails and the ranking member of a committee call for the disclosure of all relevant emails and then complain that all relevant emails were disclosed."  To put a finer point on it, Gowdy announces his intention to release another tranche of Hillary's emails pertaining to Benghazi and Libya.  Several excerpts call into question the impartiality of the State Department's internal "Accountability Review Board" Benghazi investigation, but the biggest revelations expose the former Secretary of State's correspondence with Sidney Blumenthal.  Mr. Blumenthal, you may recall, is a Clinton confidante whose ethical reputation is so suspect that the Obama administration barred Hillary from hiring him at State.  But that didn't stop Hillary from relying on Blumenthal as an off-the-books purveyor of unvetted intelligence.  The New York Times reported several months ago that Blumenthal's ongoing relationship with Sec. Clinton was highly unusual: He was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation while feeding Hillary private intel, which was frequently colored by his own separate financial interests.  The new batch of emails contains startling new details, summarized by the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes:

Here's the relevant passage on the CIA asset:

They exchanged extremely sensitive material between two unsecure servers. Remember, one of the reasons we know that Hillary Clinton did not hand over all work-related emails as claimed is that Blumenthal's emails were hacked.  Mrs. Clinton downplayed her relationship with Blumenthal after the Times story was published, stating that his messages were "unsolicited."  These emails blow all of that out of the water.  Hayes writes, "In a statement accompanying the letter, Gowdy makes some of his strongest accusations to date about the Obama administration's obstruction of the committee's work. 'These messages should have been made public when the State Department released Secretary Clinton’s other self-selected records on Libya and Benghazi, but there was a clear decision at the time to withhold this information from the American people and the Committee.'"  Gowdy alerts Cummings that the committee "plans on releasing these new emails" next week and plans on questioning Mrs. Clinton about their contents on October 22.  Stay tuned.

This is all designed to benefit the Hildabeast. Anything remotely damaging is being buried. That's not transparency. That's utter corruption at play. They aren't interested in the facts or justice. The Democrats want Hillary to skate on this and they are using every dirty trick in the book to accomplish that. On the one hand, Cummings and Clinton say all the emails should be released. On the other hand, they've done everything they could to make sure they never see the light of day or that committee. It's now coming out that Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton had some kind of scheme in place to eliminate Gaddafi and profit off businesses set up in Libya. It failed spectacularly. Now, we have a dead diplomat, dead military personnel and ISIS. There was indeed a CIA source involved in this. Gowdy is getting ready to release these dirty emails and other information and it should be mind blowing. Let the fireworks begin - let loose the Gowdy.

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Anonymous said...

Gowdy is such a loser. Zero results because he believed the Dhimmies, then he supports Ryan. Amazing what a little time in DC will do to remove your spine and brain, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

The ex-CIA agent in question - Tyler Drumheller - conveniently passed away earlier this year! Quite a co-incidence no?!
Also during the time discussion took place to form this committee - it was Hillary who behind the scene tasked her buddies on the other side to obstruct, delay and interfere on her part. She appointed who should be part of this committee.

The bottom line: The black op 'Zero Footprint' needed to be protected from ever being made public that is why this obstruction of justice. That was the beginning in switching sides by Hillary and this administration joining American enemies. Military hardware and weapons were smuggled from Libya to Syria via Turkey. Stevens was the designated arms dealer. All military entities were kept out of the loop. MANPADS were also part of the trafficking.

Read up on the 'Benghazi Commission' at or - to familiarize what really took place. These dead Americans were just a collateral in the scheme of things.