Friday, December 03, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Time for Attorney General Holder to Resign

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Time for Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign: Bachmann
The GOP doesn't need leaders like McConnell and Steele: PJM
Sarah, She Wolf of the GOP: Zombie

Lindsey Graham gets right with Jesus: Ace
TSA suggests tells kids enhanced patdowns are a game: Matzav
Sarah Palin's Charisma: AT (Lewis)

DREAM of Amnesty Act

The Democrat's Latest DREAM Act Amnesty Ploy: Malkin
College Dream About to Get Easier … for Illegals: RWN
Gutierrez: If Dems can’t pass DREAM Act, Latinos should punt: Hot Air


Deficit commission: What ObamaCare needs is… death panels: Hot Air
S510 Food Power Grab May be Stymied: AT
Government By Executive Order: Fund

U.S. Bailing Out a Bankrupt Europe: RWN
Demonomics 101: Cold Fury
America Bails Out A Thankless World: IBD

The Department of Education's war on career colleges: Marathon
Why the Spending Stimulus Failed: WSJ
Great news! RI state workers slated for 3% raises!: Projo

Climate & Energy

The U.S.'s 'Little Shop of Horrors' Turns 40: AT
It's Washington, Stupid: Tapscott
Today's Prohibition: IBD

Apocalypse Now! (Or Pretty Soon, Anyway): AT
Senators petition SecState to freeze climate bailout money: WUWT
Climate Ninjas: Japan Says No More Kyoto: CBullitt


The Right Wing News Blogger’s Choice Conservative Of The Year For 2010: RWN
Birds of a Feather: Cold Fury
FCC Wants More Media 'Oversight': Hindenblog

Busted: ABC Props Up Disguised Dem Activist as Victim of GOP Policy: GWP
Shattered Lens - Photo Bias Exposed in the Wire Services: Honest Reporting
Andrew Sullivan Calls Kettle Black: LCR

Helen Thomas Rescends Her Apology: Driscoll
Bristol Palin Strikes Back at Olbermann: 'Sorry We Can't All Be As Perfect As You': NewsBusters
Criminalization of Politics and the Scourge of Tom DeLay: AT


Don't Start START Just Yet!: Ace
Obama Muslim Outreach Success Story #7,032: Palestinians Say They Are No Longer Bound By Oslo: JoshuaPundit
Didn't We Used to Be on the Same Side?: JPost

Deadly Fictions: TabletMag
Pro-Israel Group Slams ‘Bullying’ by Schumer, Levin: NRO
Turkish PM threatens to sue US diplomats over leaked claims: Hurriyet

Attacks on Nuclear Scientists in Tehran: Stratfor
UN Tribunal will name Iran for murder of Lebanese Prime Minister: Timmerman
Islamists Targeting Christians ‘Wherever They Can Reach Them’: PJM


NASA Finds New Life -- Unlike Any Other Organism: Gizmodo
Microsoft eyes shape-shifting touch screen: CNet
Google Set to Launch e-Book Store: Fox

Someone's Getting Leaked On: Mudville Gazette
Supercell: iOTW
Latest JSF Engine Problem ... It's Too Big For Navy Transports : Aero-News


Lady M Wishes You a Healthy, Hungry Free Holiday: MOTUS
Predator Fish Tank: C&S
No longer a psychiatric disorder: Instapundit

A Holiday of Resistance: Knish
Austrian MP Ewald Stadler Blasts Turkish Ambassador on Islam and religious tolerance: BlogProf
Qatar brings 2022 World Cup to Mideast: Maktoob

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1 comment:

Old Fam said...

THREE Cheers for Rep. Bachmann, for leading the way on the truth.

Indeed, Holder is a disaster.

BUT, can she please include Hillary Rodham Clinton?

The Clinton State Department is just as bad, just as big of an embarrassment, as the Holder Justice Department.

Of course, the entire Obama Cabinet is a joke. The entire Democratic Partisan Obama Team is a disaster.

But Hillary and Holder should go...

Giving Muslim Terrorists the RIGHTS of a US Citizen - a trial in NYC as if they robbed a Wallmart, is just as moronic as Hillary Clinton trying to push the disastrous START TREATY - when the State Department knows Russia is a "Mafia" run disaster.

Time to go...