Friday, December 17, 2010

A Picture That's Worth a Million Words

They can't secure the border, but they are perfectly prepared to strip-search middle-aged white men and confiscate their bottles of Listerine.

As Cato asks: "Should the TSA be able to condition air travel on you permitting someone to look at or touch your genitals?"

At least for now, the answer is "Yes".


Zilla said...

Looks like Mr. TSA might need that Listerine in a few minutes!
Oh that's bad, sorry!
I shared your post at that page I run on facebook asking our fans to caption the picture, if I get any fun comments, I'll report back to you with them here. "Snarkiest comment wins!"

Janelle said...

Think Mae West comments........... ;-D

jill said...

This is just so wrong. What a violation of our liberty, dignity, and privacy.

Anonymous said...

I avoided molestation yesterday, but my contact solution was bomb tested.

Anonymous said...

This is so far beyond insane that it defies every principle this nation was founded upon.

Now they are going to start random, unwarranted searches on the DC Metro system.

The last time I checked, you needed a warrant to search people in the USA...

Zilla said...

Here's a comment from where I posted this to that page I run at facebook:

"Where is it? Yes I I know the air conditioning is on, but WHERE IS IT?"

and another:

"Go ahead - make my day. PUNK!"

Anonymous said...

Where was this picture taken? I posted it to FB as well and have people asking.

ENOUGH said...

Land of the free?..

Home of the brave?..

Our government has sold us out to China,and now they treatin treating us like criminals and prisoners.

There is no war on terror...Over 9 years after 9/11 Bin Laden is still at large and Al Qaeda is still in business.

The government i