Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 2010 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners #fab50

The moment you've been waiting for is here.

We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards, the most prestigious new media awards anywhere. Or at least in the 993 area code.

These awards recognize a variety of blogs and websites operating in the conservative hemisphere of the Internet, all of which have worked tirelessly to protect America from Statism -- some in very unique ways.

So, without further ado, may I have the envelopes, please?

Best Political Blog
Best Political Analyst
Best Conservative News Blog
Best Op-Ed Website
Best News Analysis Website
Best Talker's Website
Best New Media Family of Sites
Best Group Blog
Best Media Watching
Best Media Analysis
Best Media Analysis Story of 2010
Best Linker
Best Law Blogger
Best News Aggregator
Best Blog Aggregator
World's Dumbest Blogger (Lifetime Achievement Award)
The Rockwell Award for Best Artwork
The Krugman Award for Best Story Artwork of 2010
The Dali Award for Most Creative Blogging
Best Up-and-Coming Political Analysis Blog
Best European Blog
Best Middle East Media Watching
The Daniel Simpson Day Award for Snarkiest News Blog
The Elihu Smails Award for Up-and-Coming Snark Blog
Best Beltway Reporting
Best Government Watchdog
Best News Editor
Best Science Blog
The Stuxnet Award for Best Information Warfare Campaign
Best Blogger working in Legacy Media
Best JihadFighter
Best Designated Hitter
Best Latin American Coverage
The Mr. Peabody Award for Best Time-Travel Blogging
Best Legacy Media Columnist
Best Marxist Front Group
Best Econ Blog
Best First Lady Blog
Most Creative Use of Cursewords in Political Analysis
Best New Econ Blog
Best Blog Ring
The Watcher's Council (all 2010 members of the Watcher's Council are winners)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Okay, I won. Where do I get my damn award badges?
A: Right here. If you have questions about installing your badge, ask 'em in the comments.

Q: *Sob*. I didn't win. Can I use one of the badges anyhow?
A: Yes, the '90 x 40 Micro' badge was designed for use by anyone, even losers blogs that did not win.

Q: You suck -- I didn't win.
A: That's not a question.

Q: Where are the 2009 Fabulous 50 Award Winners?
A: Right here.


Anonymous said...

What about an award for the best contributor?

Anonymous said...

Why thank you, Mr. Ross - I'm honored.

And merry Christmas to you and Biff. You two do a fine job around here.

Rhymes With Right said...

As one of the Watcher's Council, let me offer my sincerest thanks.

MOTUS said...

OMG...OMG...I can't believe this...I don't even have an acceptance speech prepared...TOTUS are you in the house?

I can't believe this...OMG...first of all, thank you Doug Ross for honoring my reflections with this “most prestigious new media award anywhere”...Thank You sooooo much...

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank my sponsor, Glass Wax, without whom my reflections would be quite dull...I know I'm forgetting so many people...thank you Larwyn for featuring my reflections in your links...

Butt most of all, THANK YOU LADY M and Big Guy! Without you and all that you do, I could never HOPE to be honored with this award.

In closing I’d like...Yo, MOTUS, I’m really happy for you, and I’m going to let you finish, but Doug Ross has one of the most fabulous blogs of all time!!! All time!!! And he really should have won this award!

SirKnob said...

Congrats to all the winners.

Now, about that loser award, does it come with mashed potatoes or a side salad?

Sad Hill said...

Thank you Doug Ross and company!

RobbieC said...

I don't want to seem bitter over being left off yet another "Best of" bloggers list --- but this is the second time I've seen high praise for the blogging over at Weasel Zippers.

Nothing against the guy (girl?), but I don't get the love --- I've checked the blog out on numerous occasions and it's nothing more than a single line of snark and then copy and paste of a link to someone else.

No original analysis, no adding anything new or additional to the story...just linking to other people's stuff. Or is there something else?

sTevo said...


Counting on fingers and toes four times and once on the junk.

Seems you left out a few categories. Maybe you could add "winey little bitch" for the vocal sore lossers.

sTevo said...

OK, so I am having a maths problem.

Right Truth said...

As part of the Watcher of Weasels Council I humbly thank you. What a nice way to end the year and start a new one. Thank you!

Right Truth

Layla Gonzalez said...

Who the heck cares. Is this really news worthy and important. You people really need a life. There are more pressing issues than who is the best or worse. Why do you succumb to this dribble. People do this every year. If you all really need someone to pat your back, tell you that you are good then you are really shallow. You either know you are good or not. No false humility like one blogger, "Oh, I won, but I am not worthy." Then they should not have one.

I do not get the silly blog awards and meme's. Are you all that depraved and bored?

Just the same, I do not mean to be a spoiler, I know it is meant in good will and I wish you all the best and a happy new year too!

I just see these things as futile and ego blowers. And before I am accused of being jealous, I am not. I am good and I need no one to tell me so.

I just began a new blog - I like growing and expanding and reinventing myself. I am sure some will come to scoff and say ignorant things, freedom of speech, have at it!

Just setting the record straight - not jealous, just see no point in it. Like the Pajamas Media News Network, I once was a blogger for them and for what, so they can use people to build up their stats.

People get over yourselves. We are all good and we are all in this together.

The very best wishes to you!

Phil said...

That was a fun list! May I suggest Zombietime for some category or other?

(And a piddling typo I found in your list:
Best News Analysis Website
Ameican Spectator)

directorblue said...

@RobbieC - WZ is amazingly prolific and expert at collecting the most important stories of the day. That's why it's considered, along with Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit, an essential read. If you only have two minutes to get up-to-speed on the issues of the day, you'll likely visit one of those two sites.

@Layla - The point of the awards is to have some sort of formal recognition for a lot of hard work that, for most folks, doesn't result in any sort of financial remuneration. Wizbang used to run a well-regarded blog awards process, but it died on the vine because it was an enormous amount of work. I decided to create my own, recognizing the conservative blogs and sites that I found most valuable, entertaining, etc.


Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Thank You Mr. Ross, for your recognition and generosity in your linking, and trust when the realization of what you've done finally hits you, you won't take the award back!


SusanNaperville said...

Doug thanks for the list -- many I read regularly BUT some new ones for me to check out. I always tap you and WZ when I need a quick fix. Zero Hedge surfing came from you on my new toolbar adds this year. Did I see best war blog? Or are we still in a war?

Layla said...

Hi, directorblue. Thank you for the explanation and because you explained it the way you did I can appreciate the reason why you did this.

It was very kind and amicable of you. I do remember wizbang and wondered what had happened. I still do not think this is necessary, but you are right, it is nice to be recognized for your hard work - especially when you do not get paid.

When I thought it was great being a Pajamas Media Blogger and had the badge and the ads, which I never was paid for because I did not have all the hits - like Michelle Malkin for example, it did become degrading after awhile. I sort of felt used. I was a good enough writer to be on their blogroll and critique the 2008 Republican Presidential Candidates, but not good enough to be paid - so I get what you are doing.

God bless you for your thoughtfulness. I also bookmarked you. You have an interesting blog and I enjoy reading it.

I just came back to blogging after really being away for a good while and starting up and stopping - also in school online and family comes first always, so the blog I have now is more personal, but I still get political. Once you get that political bug in your veins it is there forever.

Anyhow, thanks for explaining why you did this. I meant no offense, just being my honest self.

Happy New Year and hope to see you around!

bernie said...

Sad to see you do not have an award for blogs that get the largest number of comments from whining Muslims which, I submit, would earn my blog, Planck's Constant, that honor.

Anonymous said...

My favorite blog is
Marty has great headlines consistently and doesn't pull any punches.

Barry Popik said...

Ah, no Best Political Lexicon Blog? Is there no respect for collecting stuff like "fleabagger" and "flightilla" and "occutard"? Well, maybe I can always "Win The Future" (WTF).