Friday, December 10, 2010

Warmal Colding News Roundup: Hypothermia Killed Record Number of Ultra-Cute Manatees in 2010 and Al Gore Doesn't Give a Crap

Curiously, this headline isn't getting much play in legacy media:

Cold caused record manatee deaths in 2010

Florida's record number of manatee deaths in 2010 — 699 — were largely blamed on the severe cold last winter. And that count could rise with more cold temperatures expected next week...

...Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said Friday that 2010 saw an unprecedented die-off for the endangered mammals...

...Last winter's freezing temperatures gave many manatees an acute cold shock, like severe hypothermia, that killed them faster than in previous winters [and] the cold weather spread as far south as the Everglades and Florida Keys, areas where manatees usually don't see many cold-related deaths...

Oh. And yesterday Syracuse, New York experienced its single-day snowfall record of 14.9 inches, six inches greater than the previous record set in '61.


Cancun hosts warming conference amid record cold temps

As negotiators from nearly 200 countries met in Cancun to strategize ways to keep the planet from getting hotter, the temperature in the seaside Mexican city plunged to a 100-year record low of 54° F. Climate-change skeptics are gleefully calling Cancun's weather the latest example of the "Gore Effect"...

...ClimateGate was "bad enough," says Duncan Davidson in Wall Street Pit, but Cancun's weather is particularly "inconvenient" for global-warming alarmists. It's a reminder that global temperatures have "flatlined" despite rising carbon dioxide levels, "which is decidedly chilling against the concept of hampering economic growth to limit Co2 emissions."

While the EPA prepares to implement cap-and-trade by edict, the world appears to be entering a new Ice Age. But, now that I think about it, that's the kind of epic fail we've come to expect from Democrats.

Long Island hits record-low 13 degrees
Athens [Georgia] Morning Cold May Be Record
Frigid South Florida Seeing Record Lows
Record-breaking cold blows into Austin [Texas]
Cold spell breaks 169-year record in Fort Lauderdale


GM Roper said...

When evidence piles on evidence, one has to wonder what the blinders are made of that the Democrats and the Gore-ites can't see what is all around them.

Makes you wonder how much evidence of cooling will be necessary for them to take the blinders off.

commoncents said...

We have regular "Global Warming Updates" posted on Common Cents... tongue in cheek of course!
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