Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congratulations, Sweden: you've just had your first suicide bombing! Now, where are you going to celebrate multi-culturalism?

With last night's news that Sweden had experienced its first Islamist suicide bombing, the Leftist crackpots were out in force. One such commenter took umbrage with my remark that the terrorist(s) had specifically targeted women and children in Stockholm's busiest Christmas shopping district:

"Curious that you mention women and children as the targets. Is this street especially frequented by them or do Swedish men not shop for Christmas?"

Well, let's roll the videotape and capture some screen-shots (video courtesy of Atlas Shrugs).

Now, genius: did you see the baby stroller?

And, in the next to last shot, the kid wearing a blue jacket who looks like he's no more than 10 years old?

In September, one of Sweden's most powerful political parties warned of an "imminent Islamic revolution."

When asked to clarify whether he thought an Islamic revolution was possible in Sweden and other western countries, [Sweden Democrat party secretary Björn] Söder answered in the affirmative... “Yes, Sweden is being Islamified right now. We’ve taken up countless examples of how Sweden is adapting to Muslim demands and we’re seeing how mosques are popping up like mushrooms from the ground in Sweden and all over Europe. It’s not necessarily the case that we’ll all become Muslims, but that we will have to obey Sharia..."

As for the United States: in 2006 Time Magazine described the "The New Muslim-Liberal Coalition", an alliance of convenience that has few of America's best interests in mind.

The Left's incessant push for multiculturalism and Balkanization will have severely negative impacts for this country. The alarm klaxons are sounding now in Sweden. We would do well to heed them.

Update: 'Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, Stockholm Suicide Bomber, Was Living in Britain'


Mike said...

Umm, maybe he skipped the part where the Muslim dirtball said "children, daughters, and sisters," hmm?

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to wish this dumbass who threw his life away that I hope he enjoys the 72 DEMONS he now finds himself amongst. Now then, whose the next idiot who wants to throw their life and soul away by killing innocent people for their false god?

Solo said...

Why brand me as a leftist crackpot because I think killing men is just as bad as killing women?

Those pictures don't really say the street the street was stuffed with more women and children than men. In the sane world public places are frequented equally by women, men and children. Maybe in your world all the women are barefoot and confined to the kitchen, let out only to special gathering spots on special occasions.

@Mike, thanks for adding that info. Lucky for us these people are as incompetent as they are insane.

The_Bad said...

From the statement of the lunatic who detonated himself:

“now your children, daughters and sisters die like our brothers’ and sisters’ children die”

Why brand you as a leftist crackpot? Because you comment like one. Of all the things to zero in about, you choose the "women and children" aspect of an asshole bomber's attempt to kill.

You should have your head examined. You appear to suffer from a severe case of douchebaggus extremus. Whereas most sane people would find disgust in the attempted act of terrorism, you find disgust in reverence for women and children over men.

Look, I understand that your religion might not allow you to take a cock in the mouth, but I suggest you go ahead and give in to your sexual urge to blow a man.

Say it loud, and say it proud: "Vivek Gupta loves cock". Liberate yourself, nancy-boy.

Solo said...

Mike already pointed out the statement I had missed in the reading of my article. I do appreciate his setting the record straight without resorting to even more snark.

I'm a little touchy on this subject because during the Mumbai attack I had to endure a whole week of a certain SF KGO talk show host incessantly describing the entire attack as being against 'British and American citizens' while a hundred Indians were bleeding to death in the hotels.

Don't presume to know anything about my religion. Thirty eight and still no manners.

The_Bad said...

You're a little touchy because you're a self-absorbed douche. Good manners are reserved for those who can appreciate them. You don't come close to qualifying. Mannerless snark for you.

Solo said...

You are right, apologies for the off topic comment.
Thanks everyone.