Wednesday, December 22, 2010

News Flash: Christmas is "Evil", "Depraved" and "the Path to Hellfire", According to Ultra-Tolerant British Muslim Group

I really wasn't aware that Christmas was the root of all mankind's problems until I read this:

Every year at this time we see the same ritual, the decorations are dragged out and draped over anything that stands still, Christmas trees are chopped down then erected in millions of front rooms, father Christmas, Christmas dinner, sleeping through the Queens speech, where's the evil in that you might say?

It's all about Father Christmas or it's a celebration of the birth of Jesus many say, the reality is that Christmas is more about office parties, house parties, raves night clubs, alcohol, drugs and all the things that these lead to, like illicit sex, violence, rape, domestic violence, crime, vandalism and so on. The fact is that Christmas is the time when men and women become the most base, immoral creatures who don't care for anything or anyone, their sole purpose becomes enjoyment in whatever depraved form that might take.

Is this what life is about, to be undignified, base, depraved, without any guiding morality. If Jesus were alive today would he join you. Of course you know very well he would not, he is someone who called for goodness and condemned evil. In this life it seems that there is no good and bad, that it is just someone's opinion. In fact there is good and bad and these are defined by God and it was up to prophets like Jesus and many others to inform mankind of this. Don't believe that man decides what is moral and what is immoral, when it is left to man the bar is slowly lifted, what is deemed to be acceptable is stretched further and further away from what is good. So in the past marriage was the only way for men and women to have relationship with one another, now anything goes (anyone, anyhow and with anything)...

...Islam is based on the fundamental principle of Tawheed (Monotheism) that answers this crucial question with the sentence Laa ilaaha illallah "There is none worthy of worship besides Allah". Islam dispels all the superstitions and blind faith in false gods, pointing out the inferiority and inherent weaknesses in all 'gods' besides the Creator...

...Tawheed requires us to recognise this distinction and identify Allah as the only one worthy of worship...

...the fundamental basis of Islam that brings mankind out of the darkness of blindly following and worshipping the superstitions of their parents and community into the light of worshipping the only One worthy of worship, Allah (swt) in accordance with the natural instinct of mankind.

I blame Bush. And Militant Quakers.


Anonymous said...

Islam protects women by stuffing them into rag cages, beating them when they show an inch of skin, making them property of men, and failing to take a firm stand against the mutiliation of their genitals. In islam, men control their children, mothers can be pushed aside and have no power. A muslim man can divorce a woman by saying, "I divorce you," three times, thus rendering her a beggar. A muslim man can have four wives who then compete among themselves for his attention and his attention for their children. Better have a son, muslim wife, or your place will be hard.

Yes, British women and women of the non-muslim world -- maybe islam will give you all the free gas and electricity you desire, but think of what it will impose upon you and your daughters.

jpeditor said...

Ah, Islam, the original gutter religion.

(The small upside is that more Christians will know how we Jews feel, hearing these koranimals every day).

PACNW Righty said...

Interesting how the poster mentions how women and children are treated well by Muslims when in fact women are considered property by the Koran. There are even laws in some countries that state it OK for men to beat their wives as long as there are no VISIBLE marks. During my numerous deployments to Southwest Asia starting back in 1990, I heard some disturbing rumors about how young boys are treated. As for rape, at least we try and put away the individual who committed the rape, rather than ostracize the victim as unclean.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the librul hand-wringing about making war against Iraq during the "holy" season of Ramadan?

Anyone remember how Rumsfeld pointed out that MUslims had historically waged war against Christians and Muslims alike during this "holy" period?

Anyone remember how Al Qaeda tried to destroy all Christendom's celebration of the Nativity by blowing up a passenger jet last Christmas?

Lets face it: if the morons who wrote this manifesto were still back in their impoverished hellholes of National Origian , the would be "enjoying" goats and wiping themselves with the hems of their already-filthy robes.

Anonymous said...

kiss my ass muslims,allah is dog shit

Anonymous said...

The truth is indeed stranger than fiction in many areas of life.

If you wanted to understand what the Founding Fathers intended, you would read their words and not what people wrote 200+ years later said that they intended.

If you want to understand Christmas, you would read what the eyewitnesses actually wrote, not what people hundreds or even thousands of years later said they wrote.

If you did you would find that nowhere do any of the eyewitnesses say when the birth of Jesus was. Circumstantial evidence is that He was born much earlier, possibly on the Feast of Trumpets in 4 B.C, on 1 Tishri, which corresponds to 22 September in that Gregorian year.

And further reading would show the modern holiday of Christmas is not mentioned a single time by those eyewitnesses. In fact, this time of year is it common to see news stories detailing where all the Christmas customs we practice come from, and it is just as common for people to read those account while they go about observing those same customs.

Just as I do not accept how the current legal establishment observes a pathetic image of the original Constitution, I do not accept how the current religious establishment observes the birth of Jesus.

Now as to the Muslims, they reject the Jesus of the Bible. Their "Jesus" is a substantially different person, who they expect will help Allah in the future to bring Christians to accept Allah as God. Well, the god of the Koran is NOT the God in the Bible.

Islam has a doctrine of "Taqiyya", or deliberate lying to non-believers. Their anti-Christmas campaign is a lie on so many levels it is pathetic. But then Christmas itself is a lie on so many levels as well.

Remember, not only will the truth set you free, but thanks to the net, the truth has never been easier to find.

Anonymous said...

Season's Beratings from Hashim "Bing" Laden (translated by Call me Lennie)

Dhimmi sidewalks Kaafir sidewalks
All befouled by unbelief
In the air there are bleatings of falsehood
Ears are ringing, Christians singing
That Allah begat a son
And on every street corner you hear

Infidels .... Infidels
Christ worshippers are blaspheming
Booma loom .... to their doom
Soon it will be Judgment Day

Anonymous said...

The Bible does not give the exact date of Christ's birth. This is about the only "truth" that Anonymous @8:43 posted. While it's true that the Chistmas holiday is not mentioned in the Bible, the birth of Christ certainly was...many times in both the OT and NT.

The December 25 date was picked to celebrate that birth of Christ by the early Christians because it was around the time of a pagan holiday called "the festival of the sun". Thus, it became "the festival of the Son".

Yes, the Truth will set you free, but to think you can find it on the Internet is naive at best.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Actually, I agree with some of what this guy wrote: "Don't believe that man decides what is moral and what is immoral, when it is left to man the bar is slowly lifted, what is deemed to be acceptable is stretched further and further away from what is good."

But --and here's the main thing I find troubling-- he considers Allah to be the same "God of Abraham" that the Jews and later the Christians worshiped. No way.
The god (lower-case spelling) that Mohammed "re-purposed" for his new religion (from local moon-god to Chief Enabler of Mohammed's Psychopathic Fantasies) is not the God of Creation, he's the god of Destruction and Death. Mohammed's God, like Mohammed himself, regards people as objects to be used and --if they don't behave like good little objects-- to be destroyed and discarded. Mohammed's god is in reality Moloch or Ba'al or some other unreasoning demon who requires blood, violence and butchery. So listening to some Muslim who's pontificating about what "Allah" requires of mankind is like cooperating with those aliens who claimed "We only want to serve Man" (was that a Twilight Zone episode? Anyway, the point was, "Stop! No! It's a cookbook!")