Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo: I Feel Safer Already


"Yes, that's a burka, yes that's a real TSA agent, (I saw her badge when I passed her and made a U-turn to snap a pic)... They're not just stripping us of our freedoms, they're rubbing our noses in it along the way."

Image: Survival Monkey via Atlas.


Anonymous said...

Strange.. CAIR stated Muslim women couldn't be subjected to the new TSA screening, because it was offensive to their religious beliefs, and their inate modesty, yet they'll allow a Muslim woman to work for TSA, gawping at naked people and groping them? Under sharia, groping calls for a death sentence.. so exactly why is it ok with them for her to be engaging in behavior that their so called religion calls dishonorable?

Anonymous said...

Must have been Detroit DTW. See the 'comfy' chairs on the left? They are all over the place there.

Yeah, the TSA staff here in Detroit do tend to reflect the local population. We have the largest number of arabs and muslims outside this middle east here.

Anonymous said...

That is terminal E at the DFW airport. The SKYLINK on the sign gives it away.

Anonymous said...

They ARE rubbing your nose in it.

That is exactly the term the socialist Labour party used in Britain.

pinandpuller said...

"Excuse please-which way to footbaths?"