Monday, December 27, 2010

An Open Letter to Media Matters: a Simple Holiday Request

Dear Sirs:

I was genuinely surprised to discover that Jammie Wearing Fool (one of the best news blogs around) has done such yeoman work defeating Statism that it merited its own tag at MediaMatters. Damn! That's impressive stuff.

While your organization is an award-winning, Soros-funded, Marxist front group (which is the term you prefer, I hear) -- and has mentioned this august journal on a number of occasions -- it has yet to produce a dedicated tag for me.

This, my friends, is an outrage. I demand consideration of my own, dedicated tag. This is the least you can do during this merry, secular Festivus season.

Best Regards, Doug

p.s., "Send news tips about conservative misinformation to Media Matters here:"

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Milton Wolf said...

Ha! Hope they add The Wolf Files too. When I'm on the speaker's trail, one of the crowds' favorite parts of my speech is when I list some of the best insults the Media Matters and HuffPo folks have hurled my way.

Here's a small collection:

Karrie & I had an entertaining night collecting these.