Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Neither Necessary Nor Proper

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Neither Necessary Nor Proper: LegalIns
Reid: We’ll stretch this lame-duck out until Jan. 5 if we have to: Malkin
Breyer: Wrong About Guns -- And More: RWN

Separated at Birth: No Labels and Coffee Party: NewsReal
Holder Assures Muslims of DOJ Protected Status: JudicialWatch
Breast cancer drug offers glimpse of death panels: Tapscott


The "Greedy": Already Paying Way More Taxes Than Anyone Else: RWN
Obama’s Recovery: Temporary Jobs for Everyone!: LonelyCon
DHS Confirms: Cheaper to Deport Than Letting Illegals to Stay: Dollard

Man Bites Union in L.A.: IBD
The Politics of the Blue State Bankruptcy: DollarCollapse
The Broken Window Fallacy: Division of Labour

Obama uses regulatory power to enforce Card Check: RWN
Holder/Sebelius: Fighting Obamacare Like Fighting Civil Rights: Malkin
The Thin Blue Line Vs. Deepening Red Ink in L.A.: PJM

Climate & Energy

First manatees, now baby sea turtles threatened by record cold: LCR
Dueling press releases – which is it: dead or weakened?: WUWT
Climate Change: It's the Sun, Stupid: AT


Amazing: WaPo Fails to Publish Own Poll on ObamaCare's Lowest Popularity Ever: NewsBusters
5 criteria we can use to judge who is helping the GOP become "the smarter party": ConHome
ABC Poll Finds Health Care Law Is Massively Unpopular, Network Offers Scant Coverage: NewsBusters

Off With Their Heads!: Equalizer
Poll: New Low In Support For ObamaCare - 43%: BlogProf
Michael Moore Bails Out Julian Assange, Despite Total Ignorance of His Actual Views: NewsBusters


Guess who got Holder's briefs in a bundle?: AT
The IRS Declares Israel is a Terrorist State, So The US Constitution Can Be Ignored: Lid
Horrifying: Woman flogged publicly in Sudan while people laugh: TRS

Fed up with kidnappings and murders, Mexican town takes up vigilantism: Cubachi
Shocker: WikiLeaks Employs Holocaust Denier Who Refers to Jews as a 'Virus in Human Form': WZ
Stockholm: Extremists recruiting for Jihad in city's Grand Mosque: IIE

Punishing Moonbat Heresy I: The UN’s Defamation of Religions Resolution: RWN
Pakistan: Muslims beat evangelist into unconsciousness, set him on fire: JihadWatch
Wikileaks: Catalonia "greatest center of radical Islamist activity in the Mediterranean": IIE


Hundreds of Banking Sites Vulnerable to RSA Security Flaw, Researcher Finds: eWeek
Realistic Masks: They're causing problems: Schneier
Lean Hogs Jump- Computerized Trading Ruining Marketplace: P&F


Congress Mandates Every Citizen Buy A Gun: Hindenblog
Greatest Action Sequence of All Time: Hot Air
Army sees smart phones playing important role: Army Times

Image: Weasel Zippers, "Highway Jihad?"
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QOTD: "Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has just released an omnibus spending bill that will lock-in 2010 spending levels through the next fiscal year (ending September 30). The 1,924 page bill (pdf) contains unknown thousands of earmarks and will prevent the next Congress from making spending cuts until fiscal year 2012... ... For the first time in the history of the modern budget process, this Congress failed to even vote on a budget for next year. This Congress has forfeited their right to spend. The next Congress should be as free as possible to set spending priorities. The 111th must pass something to keep the government running, but it should do so with as short-term a continuing resolution as possible." -- The Foundry

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