Thursday, December 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Heckua Job, Nappie -- Border Agent Murdered

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Heckuva job, Nappie--Heads to border after agent murdered: Cubachi
Crash the White House/Medicare Czar closed-door meeting: Malkin
Hero Jim DeMint: I’m just trying to run out the clock!: TRS

Congress's contempt for voters hits new high: Pundette
Deranged Tea Partier Lefty Opens Fire On School Board: NiceDeb
Why do they hate Sarah so much?: AT


List of senators with earmark count in Omnibus bill: Cubachi
Dem Wants $48B Earmark for Friend Who Works From Home: GWP
What the Right is Missing with the Card-Check Scam: RedState

Bachmann: Tax Bill Violates Article 1 of Constitution: CNS
No Deal on the Tax Deal: AT
U.S. to have Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the World: Foundry

Dodd-Frank's whistleblowing gold mine: AT
Who Decides?: Belmont Club
'Public Interest' Group Sues McDonald's Over Happy Meals : JWF

Climate & Energy

Omnibus double whammy: The Dems’ lame-duck land grabs: Malkin
Scientist: Watch out for an Ice Age: HyScience
Hundreds of new cold and snow records set in the USA: WUWT

Federal Judge: Fish 'Study' Forcing Cut Off of California Water Based on Junk Science: GWP
EPA Regulations Killing Clean Energy: Foundry


An Honest Question for Lefties: The Agitator
Fight of the Week: Condoleezza Rice knocks out Katie Couric in the first round: iOTW
Flex!: Mudville Gazette

Clueless bloggers attack Fox News for memo that says “show both sides” of the global warming/cooling story: WUWT
Things You Won’t Read About at Media Matters, Episode XXIV: Malkin (Powers)
The Hannity Jobs Program, Weiner's Greedy Government: AmSpec

Journalist Diversity Committee Declares Term “Illegal Immigrant” to Be “Offensive”: RWN
Gore Outraged Fox Reporters Advised to Report Both Sides of Story: WZ
Media Matters Comes Close to Having a Body Count: Verum Serum


Germany applies anti-Nazi laws in crackdown on Islamic supremacist groups: JihadWatch
Feds Battle Mexican Insurgent Group Gaining Foothold In D.C.: Dollard
Julian Assange and Bradley Manning: Liberal Hypocrisy On Rape And Torture: RWN

U.S. National Archives Releases Report on Hitler and Grand Mufti of Jerusalem: 'Shared Common Enemies--The Jews': WZ
China is Moving Past the US in Global Influence: BigPeace
Iraq becoming Islamic state?: JihadWatch


Intelligence Estimate: Stuxnet Set Back Iran's Nuclear Program By Two Years: Ace
Twitter raises $200 million in funding, is worth $3.7 billion, report says: LA Times
Amazon Withstands Wikileaks Attacks: CNN Money


Custer's Last Flag: iOTW
Sweeeeedes in da Noooooz: SondraK
Tired of BBQ Chips?: iOTW

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