Friday, December 24, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Defund Kathleen Sebelius

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Defund Kathleen Sebelius: LegalIns
GOP Winning Margins: AT
Rape Victim Arrested at Airport After Refusing TSA Pat Down: WZ

Senate Democrats Poised for Power Grab: RedState
Lisa Murkowski: The new 'Arlen Specter' of the GOP: AT
Pilot targeted by TSA for exposing lax security procedures: WZ

Nappie Slams Media for Airing Grieving Family's Outrage: GWP
Real Good News: Bizarre Obama Appointee Rejected: Ace
Concealed Carry Is Counterterrorism: BlackFive


Merry Christmas From Jerry Brown!: RWN
Union 'Carolers' Visit Private Home to Intimidate Residents: BigJourn
How's That Liberal Education System Working?: RWN

Obama hails 111th Congress as 'Most Productive in Decades': GWP
'…the authorities are not looking at the science': ProWis
IL, CA, NJ Pension Deficits: Catastrophic: Mish

Climate & Energy

Cali Carbon Rationing Forces Bloodmobile Fleet Off the Road: LCR
Grinding ever Leftward, one royal decree at a time: Cold Fury
Global Warming Died; Women, Children, AlGore Hardest Hit: Driscoll


Obama as the Comeback Kid: Ace
Complete Lack of Bias Causes CBS News to Accidentally Air Joke Cover of Bush Book: Malkin (Powers)
Obama's Year-End Victory Lap: IBD

When Reason Fades — From Illegal Immigration to Jeffrey Sachs: Hanson
Nutcase Jeffrey Sachs Launches Vicious Attack on Victor Davis Hanson: PJM
Batman’s Politically Correct European Vacation: RWN

Obama Delivers a State of the Obama Address, and the State of the Obama is Awesome: Ace
Nobody's Fault But Mine: RSM
Chris Matthews Thrilled by Oprah's 'Whack' at Sarah Palin: NewsBusters


Mexico is Finished: Thus Spake Russ
Why Our Government Backed Communist Coup Against Democratic Ally: RWN
Pakistani Islamists Threaten to Stone Comedian to Death Over “Burqa Woman” Parody: WZ

Russian media: The missile defense provision in the new START treaty is legally binding: Hot Air
Anarchists claim responsibility for embassy bombings in Italy: Cubachi
Palestinian family sends mentally ill son to Israeli "settlement," hoping IDF would shoot him: JihadWatch


Lessons Learned From Five Big Database Breaches In 2010: Dark Reading
Dim bulbs: Researchers found Eco-bulbs ‘a health hazard due to mercury inside’: Cubachi
Major bank mails 35,000 monthly statements — to the wrong customers: Investment News


Michelle Obama’s Christmas List: Diogenes Sarcastica
Christmas Zombiepocalypse: Eyes Never Closed
Indiana University Student Draws Heat for Breaking Down Universal Scale to Rate Women: BroBible (NSFW?)

Image: Heritage Foundation via RedState.
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