Saturday, December 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: A Faux Compassionate Christmas

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A Faux Compassionate Christmas, Courtesy of the Left: Blumer
Issa’s First Target: GAO Attack on For-profit Education: BigGovt
How Dare These People Ask For Evidence And Documentation: JOM

Voters elected GOP to end Obamaism, not expand it: Tapscott
Pilot in Trouble for Exposing Airline Insecurity: Malkin
Congress's Monstrous Legal Legacy: Strassel

Un-merry Christmas from the ACLU: Malkin
Great News: Outgoing Accidental Governor Pardons Illegals: JWF
Antiquated Rule Penalizes Women In RNC Chair Race: Riehl


In Pleasantville, it’s Volunteers vs. Public Sector Unions: Fox & Hounds
Labor Dept. to Force Union Message Down Employers' Throats: RWN
Taxes and the Top Percentile Myth: WSJ

Climate & Energy

Obama Uses EPA to Seize Control of Energy Sector: RWN
EPA seizes permit power from TX on greenhouse gasses: DalNews
Global warming skeptic flattens Jim Oberstar: WashExam


Public Broadcasting Subsidy: Unnecessary and Irrational: BigGovt
Legacy: Granholm commutes sentence of murderer; victim's family outraged: BlogProf
Christmas Greetings, and the World Is Insane: PJM

Obama’s Mouthpiece? ABC’s Cokie Roberts Says Voters Will Make Republicans Compromise in 2011??: RWN
Scattered Christmas-Related Idiocy: Patterico
Obama, Hispanic Immigration Activists Rethink Core Strategy: Kaus

So You Lost Your Election: IowaHawk
A simple act elevates all: Boston
Glazov "melts Leftist arguments on contact": JihadWatch


Putin pwns Obama yet again: Ace
Victory Over the Domestic Allies of Islamic Terror in Seattle!: NewsReal
NYC Mayor Bloomberg secretly aided Ground Zero victory mosque: Creeping Sharia

The Palestinian Agenda: End Israel, Not Found a State: PJM (Solway)
"All Americans Must Die" written on wall of Tyson Chicken plant that adopted Muslim holiday in 2008: JihadWatch
Fresh attacks on Christians mar Christmas celebrations: Maktoob

SciTech, A Visual Guide To Net Neutrality: TechCrunch
Cracking the New York Times Popularity Code: Beast
Next iPad: smaller, with same-size display and a wide-range speaker: MSNBC


And unto us, a child is born: Hot Air
Christmas 1944: When U.S. Troops Said ‘Nuts!’ to the Enemy: CNS
Merry Christmas 2010 … Joy To the World, the Lord Has Come: Scared Monkeys

Image: Your Crazy Unk
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