Thursday, December 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's EPA and the 2012 Elections

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Obama's EPA and the 2012 Elections: Hewitt
Big Nannies of the Year: Malkin
TSA Missed Luggage That Explodes After Flight : Judicial Watch

Is It Time To Use The 'T' Word To Describe Obama?: NiceDeb
2012: DeMint compliments Pence, Palin: Cubachi
Obama Announces Six Recess Appointments: Corner

Obama Blocks Probe Of Fired IG: Judicial Watch
Has O'Donnell Been Smeared?: AmSpec
A Nanny State Snow Job: Malkin (Powers)


Free Lawyers for Mentally Defective Criminal Aliens: RWN
Administration Wants You to Pay More at the Pump: Foundry
Michele Bachmann, Tax Geek: TaxProf

90-Year-Old Post Office Workers Still Getting Workers Comp?: RWN
Obama's Inaugural Address: Two Years of Broken Promises: AT
Obama's Economic Policies Fizzled: Miller

Climate & Energy

Manatees protest Gulf Cooling: flee frigid Gulf waters to shelter themselves at... warm power plants: LCR
Meteorologist Piers Corbyn - mocked by global warming alarmists for predicting cold winter - gets last laugh: BlogProf
The ‘We’re Gonna Freeze to Death Because of Global Warming’ Headline of the Day: Malkin (Powers)

Europe’s winter set to be the “coldest in 300 years”: Cubachi
Snowmageddons Do Not Mean The End Of Globull Warming: Pirate's Cove
Alarmists Work Hard To Annoy Penguins For Climate Hysteria: Pirate's Cove


The First Annual G.T. Awards : Diogenes
Why on Earth is Chris Matthews talking about President Obama's birth certificate?: HillBuzz
David Shuster, the Man Who Slammed 'Nutty,' 'Far-Right' Conservatives, Returns from Media Suspension: NewsBusters's 10 Most Popular Stories Of 2010: CNS
Sarah for President?: PJM (Solway)
Fox Utterly Destroys Cable News Ratings Competition in 2010: Wrap


Obama Dims the Light on Missile Defense: AT
If Muslims were treated like Christians in America...: JihadWatch
GOP intel chairman Mike Rogers to battle Barack Obama: Politico

Technology Transfer from GE to China will Directly Compete Against the Boeing/Airbus Duopoly :Mish
Dopes of the Day: Fooled by Syria... Twice: Lid (BRubin)
Israel was seen 'ready to use' atomic weapon in war: Maktoob

European Anarchists Become More Coordinated. Wait, What?: RWN
‘Most Beautiful Goat’ Competition Underway in Saudi Arabia: Powers
Noble CEO: Leviathan is largest gas find in our history: JPost


Facebook, Twitter And The Shadow Stock Market: Forbes
AIG Didn't Report $18.7 Billion of Company Guarantees: Bloomberg
How Colors Affect Purchases: BusinessPundit


Toughguy Actor R. Lee Ermey Unloads On Obama the Socialist During Holiday Broadcast: GWP
Happy 100th Birthday Ronald Coase!!: P&F
Prince William and Kate Middleton to Do Without Butlers, Household Staff: AmPower

I'm Calling Jihad on Joseph Guzman: C&S
Did You Get Some Snow This Weekend?: Wizbang
Caption This!: SondraK

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QOTD: "It's amusing to me how simple America's problems were when Democrats were out of power, looking to take over. We would just fix the economy. Snap! Fixed. Just cancel Bush's tax cuts for the rich and it would all be right as rain. We could just bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and convince the Iranians and North Koreans it was in their interest to give up the bomb; all we needed was a smart guy to speak the right words to these countries that Bush was too stupid to know... We could just get the oceans to stop rising, and just reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and just do this and just do that.

It was all so very easy for the 2006-2008 Democrats to explain how they'd work these wonders. All they needed, they told the public, was to get the idiot Republicans out of office..." -- Ace, "Obama Destined For Scrapheap of History?"

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Opinionated Vogon said...

The IG Walpin story is from last year.

Walpin sued but the Judge tossed the case.

Obama's disregard for our laws continues unabated.