Friday, December 31, 2010

Dems Rip Rule Change That Could Constrain Their Reckless Spending

There's no outrage like the outrage of a liberal who's been told the taxpayer's wallet is closed.

Dems rip proposed rule giving new power to GOP Budget chairman

A proposed House rule granting new powers to the GOP chairman of the Budget Committee has sparked outrage from Democrats... The proposed rule would allow the Budget Committee chairman to set spending ceilings for 2011 without a vote by the full House.

...In practice, this would give power to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the incoming chairman of the panel, to impose deep spending cuts since spending bills cannot exceed the budget ceiling for the 2011 fiscal year...

Sounds good. What's not to like?

Democrats argue the provision would give unilateral power to Ryan and flies in the face of GOP promises of transparency.

Coming from the party that promised -- and failed to deliver in spectacular fashion -- "the most transparent administration ever", that guilt trip rings a tad hollow, no?

...Republicans argue allowing the Budget chairman to set spending ceilings is necessary because of the failure of the last Congress to approve a budget last year.

“This provision is only necessary because of Democrats’ historic failure to pass a budget last year. They have nothing but their own ineptitude to blame for this temporary authority,” Brendan Buck, a spokesman for the House Republican transition... Another House aide argued the powers are not unprecedented. The GOP gave the chairman of the House similar powers in the opening days of the 1999 Congress, when the GOP also controlled the chamber.

Gee, you mean this rule change not only has precedent but could also help prevent the radical Left Democrat Party from further destroying America's balance sheet?

Faster, please!

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Blue said...

Don't ya just love it? :)

Anonymous said...

Democrats: We won't pass a budget before the election because we don't want to face the consequences at the ballot box. We'll wait 'til AFTERWARD then do what we want. Oops, we didn't get around to doing that either. We were too busy giving the finger (DREAM Act, DADT repeal) to the voters that shellacked us.

Repulicans: Your failure to act gives us in the majority authority to tell you how much we'll spend. Hint: much less than you would have if you'd done what you were supposed to to when you were supposed to do it.

Democrats: WHAAAAAA!!! It's not FAAAIIIRRRR!!!

Voters: Boo freakin hoo.