Sunday, December 12, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Top 10 Economic Myths of 2010

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Two Prominent Black Democrats Flee to GOP: GWP
Mitch McConnell's Make or Break Week: LegalIns
The WikiLeaks Vindication of George W. Bush: Elder

Pigford's Fraud on the American Taxpayer: RWN
After The Snark: Fallout From Obama's Abdication To Clinton : JWF
Maxine Waters: Another Democrat with Ethics Problems: PJM

Redistricting Pennsylvania (with Maps!): RedState
Education Worth Watching: AmSpec
Rep. Ellison thinks Democrats should create a 'crisis': USR


The Top 10 Economic Myths of 2010: MRC
When Words Lose Their Meaning: ProWis
Three 20-somethings do what the GAO says is impossible: P&F

Obama Wants To End All Tax Deductions: S&L
Decision on VA ObamaCare Lawsuit Expected Monday: AmSpec
The Obama Effect: First Guns, Now Food Stamps: Moonbattery

Climate & Energy

Blockbuster: More Than 1000 Scientists Agree: No Man-Caused Global Warming: RWN
NASA: Greenouse Gases Won't Be a Problem for Centuries. Wait, What?: NewsReal
Does Big Green really care about wind and solar energy?: WashExam


The Unmaking of the President: Driscoll
Reclaiming Conservatism And The Constitution From Wurtzel And Others: Riehl
Vieira to Michele Bachmann: Why Won't You 'Mean Spirited' Republicans Extend Unemployment Benefits? : MRC

Filibuster Filibuster: Surber
Andrew Sullivan Tagged for Rampant Falsehoods About Catholic Church, Pope: NewsBusters
The Audacity of Animosity: Noonan

Now We Know ABC stands for ‘Always Be Cutting’: Driscoll
Barbara Walters Edits Mark Levin's Book From Palin's Reading List Answer: NewsBusters
NYT Scoop: Nixon was not a nice person: Surber


Of Dignity and Want: AT
New Wikileaks Release Reveals Saudi Arabian Royal Debauchery: YWL
Obama: Freedom from Want is a Human Right: Cube

Jihadists Collect Names Of All U.S. Interests Worldwide From Documents Released By WikiLeaks: MEMRI
Egypt’s Rigged Elections: Mubarak shows contempt for the ‘Cairo Effect.’: WklyStd
Islamists Take Over the Streets of Paris: Atlas

More Wikileaks Damage: Pope Wanted Muslim Turkey Kept Out of EU: GWP
Six Pipe Bombs — How Many Exploded?: GoV
What is Mayor Bloomberg hiding?: Judicial Watch


NASA Sold Computers Containing Secrets: S&L
Google DoubleClick Caught Serving Malicious Ad: ThreatLevel
Apple engineer re-creates ancient computer with Legos: CNet


A Flowchart to Determine What Religion You Should Follow: P&F
Sources: S*** Talk Really Flying at Dem-Obama Unity Meeting, But You Didn't Hear That From Sources: IowaHawk
Hen-pecked Husbands in the White House: Bookworm Room

Toys in the Attic: C&S
Little Marines Say Goodbye To Their Father: WHAM
Watch an 11-year old dunk: SportsGrid

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