Monday, December 13, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Concern Over Stimulus II Grows

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Concern Over Stimulus II Grows: Hewitt
Now What?: Hanson
Market alarm as US fails to control biggest debt in history: Telegraph

The Pledge To America and Primary Rhetoric: Hewitt
Breyer: Your Constitutional Rights Vary by Zipcode: RWN
Next Week in Politics: Ace


Bernie Sanders Asks the Rich: ‘When is Enough Enough?’: Malkin
The Tragedy of the Unemployed Democrat: AmSpec
More Cornhusker Kickbacks and Louisiana Purchases: LegalIns

Will NLRB's Craig Becker explain his conflicts of interest?: WashExam
Delta says no to unions and Obama: WklyStd
Saving or creating jobs -- overseas: Zilla

Polling Data: Spending Restraint vs. Deficit Reduction: BigGovt
Lesson of the Tax Deal: Teach Your Kids Chinese: AT (Baehr)
Detroit has been bankrupt for years--It just refuses to admit it.: Mish

Climate & Energy

Selling Global Warming: Timing is Everything: Malkin (Powers)
Storm of the Century?: Hot Air
Countries Agree To Redistribute Wealth For Climate Change, As Snow Collapses Metrodome (Again): RWN


Enemies of the Constitution: Former SEIU Exec Joins Center for American Progress Action Fund: BigGovt
The Man Who Never Held a Job: Anthony Weiner's Class Warfare: Parker
The Left sees history's fist coming. Again.: AT (Lewis)

PDS: AP dings Palin for wearing designer glasses to Haiti: Cubachi
AP's Ohlemacher Continues Press's Persistent Promotion of Social Security Falsehoods: NewsBusters
Nihilism and Progressivism: AmPower

Republicans Plan to Make the P in NPR 'Private': Verum Serum
The Theft of Ground Zero: AT (Geller)
Krugman's Revisionism: Patterico


Like it or Not: Mexico is America’s Next Afghanistan: RedState
Venezuela acquired 1,800 antiaircraft missiles from Russia last year: Greenroom
Spain: Catalonian city bans the burqa: JihadWatch

All Swedes Are Malmö Jews Now: LegalIns
Israel Slammed For Rejecting Non-Existent Obama ‘Offer’ On Building Freeze!?!: Big Peace
WikiLeaks: Secret Cables Show Growing U.S. Concern Over China: PJM


Video Games Are Not Art, They Are... Cars: Jalopnik
NIST Announces SHA-3 Finalists (Skein is One of Them): Schneier
Uh oh. RFID hustlers stealing credit card numbers!: RightScoop


The Boyz Are Back in Town -- You Dawg!: MOTUS
What item of sports memorabilia sold for $4.3 million — a sports memorabilia record?: Althouse
Banks, Clearing and Over the Counter Derivatives: P&F

Image: Serr8d's Cutting Edge
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QOTD: "Sarah Palin freaks out the media -- especially the feminists -- like a combined Ronald Reagan and Clarence Thomas. She is their 9/11.

One of the promises of Palin for president is all the laughs we'll get for eight whole years if she gets elected and Obama goes down.

Just think of it: eight years of belly laughs. Guaranteed.

The Secret Service will have to triple its POTUS detail, because ranting lefties are dangerous. All the would-be assassins of the 20th century came from the ranting left -- shooting JFK, Robert Kennedy, Reagan, and Ford. Not a single conservative. Not a single normal person. " -- James Lewis, "The Charisma of Sarah Palin"


Zilla said...

Excellent roundup as always, Doug!
Thank you for including my blog today.

Whitehall said...

Actually, there is one exception to the leaders killed by leftists - Martin Luther King.

But then he held no political office.