Friday, December 10, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obamacare and unintended consequences

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Obamacare and unintended consequences: Hoystory
Widening the Margin of Voter Fraud: PJM
Why Mike Pence catches conservatives' eyes: Will

Dems push rule change to jam agenda through in lame duck: RWN
Obama's 'Missing Link': AT (Kengor)
Hillary Would Like a Do-Over: Post


Pro-Socialist Union Fights Right’s 'Lies' About Government Workers: Loudon
Secret GOP plan: States declare bankruptcy, smash unions: Pethokoukis
Stimulus Impact: Zero: Fausta

'House Democrats Demand Changes to Tax Deal': ProWis
Medicare Grew? Who Knew?: Reason
Obama sets the tax trap: P&F

Rigging Federal Transportation Awards So Waste Is Assured: Patterico
Deportation Distortions: AmSpec
Chinese Firm Could Get $450 Million In Stimulus Money: RWN

Climate & Energy

Vitter Takes A Shot At A Nominee Hold To Force End To Obamoratorium: Hayride
Global Warming Hoax Roundup: Bayonet
Green idiocy, Green racism, Green genocide: Ace

Enviro-Nuts: We Can’t Drill For Oil Because Of Global Warming!: RWN
Green Eco-Tards Fall For the Old “Dihydrogen Monoxide” Petition Prank at Cancun Global Warming Summit: GWP
Small Complicated Climate Building Codes: AT


Democratic Hate/Racism/Incivility/Undermining Democracy Watch: Frustrated Dem Rep Says 'F*** the President': Ace
Islamophobia-obsessed Media Silent on Anti-Semitic 'Hate Crimes' at Indiana U.: NewsBusters
Who Are The Real Hostage Takers?: Rhymes With Right

House Democrats Defy Obama on Tax Cut Bill: Driscoll
Berkeley City Council Decides It Hasn't Gotten Any Attention In A Year; Sets Out To Fix That: Ace
This Week in Quotes: RWN

Why Constitutional Conservatism Is Ascending: AT
The Eerily Prescient Mr. Brooks: JOM
Palin to Walters: The Media Have Made People Think I'm Scary, Uninformed and Polarizing: NewsBusters


Netherlands: Al-Qaeda mouthpiece run by Dutch extremists: IIE
NY Times spotlights Palestinian 'despair,' ignores it's completely self-inflicted: AT
CanadaCare: Woman dies in ER--"She was crying--Nobody attended to my daughter": BlogProf

Bernanke to China: Stop Hurting Us or You'll Hurt Us: AT
Prince Charles' Car Attacked by Rioting Yutes in London: GWP
Nice: Islamic Radicals Are Training the TSA: RWN


WikiLeaks: Schneier
DDoS Free-For-All: MasterCard, Visa, Other Major Websites Hit In WikiLeaks Fallout: Dark Reading
The Tesco Clubcard crisis: supermarket giant's rewards campaign descends into chaos.: Yahoo UK


A Yuletide Gift of Kindness: iOTW
O’s Outfielder Luke Scott Questions Obama’s Birthplace: CBS Baltimore
Rahm Emanuel Answers the Tough Questions: Hope for America

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QOTD: "The MSM spent weeks hammering Breitbart for the incomplete Shirley Sherrod video he posted last summer. So far, their silence has been deafening on this growing scandal —just like they ignored Obama’s strange and sketchy background in 2008, just like they ignored Big Government’s ACORN sting operations in the fall of 2009, and just like they ignored Climategate in November/December 2009, until enough time had elapsed that they could poo-poo the story." -- Caroline May, "Will Pigford vindicate Andrew Breitbart?", Daily Caller

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