Friday, December 17, 2010

The Year We Missed Christmas

Papa B writes, "I woke up at 3AM this morning and this just came to me. I wonder if this used to happen to Walt Whitman."

It was the night after Christmas; the sun rose the next day,
Santa had vanished with his reindeer and sleigh.

There had been no Christmas, just tears and chagrin,
The cries of the children made a terrible din.

What could have caused this terrible plight?
After all, Christmas is an absolute right!

From the distance we heard a voice with a sigh,
We listened to the words... and then we knew why.

"On Nancy, On Harry, we must pass this bill,
Health Care and Stimulus must pass on the "hill".

"On Fannie, On Freddie, On Dodd and on Frank!,
Homes for everyone, there’s lots in the bank!"

"Bail out the unions and the teachers too,
They got us elected -- we must pay them their due."

"Global warming or climate change, it really matters not,
Redistributing wealth... we'll take what you got!"

"Shut down the drilling; close all the mines,
Put owners in jail with plenty of fines."

"On Card Check; On ACORN; On S.E.I.U.!
On Cloward and Piven; and Cass Sunstein too!”

"Close Gitmo because you know terrorism's dead,"
Proclaimed the AG, Eric the Red.

There’s no border problem, as everyone can see,
Just hurry up and pass a little am-nes-ty.

Will you be fondled or seen practically nude?
The TSA just laughs, taking our water and food.

"On Waxman; On Schumer; On Waters; and Rangel;
Be sure to blame Bush, Palin and Angle!"

Pillage and plunder, there’s plenty you see,
We’ll just print more cash, says Ben Ber-nan-kee.

China is laughing and Russia says Nyet.
They both have us dancing like a marionette.

North Korea and Iran are girding for war,
Thank goodness the U.N has more meetings in store.

Let's stop passing bills for those out of work,
Let's give them income for life, we know they won't shirk.

Keep increasing taxes to care for the needy,
The rich have their wealth because they are greedy.

Departments of Energy, Commerce and more,
Would we really miss them if they went out the door?

All of the Congress abstained from their duty,
When they got to D.C., it’s "pass out the booty!"

The judges make laws right from the bench;
While the bailout continues for Mr. Goodwrench

Cars must be green and burn only air.
With plenty of subsidies, isn’t that fair?

Yes to wind farms and solar, No to oil and coal,
Cap and Taxes are our ultimate goal.

"On Obama; On Clinton; On Gibbs; and on Biden;
Shovel-ready projects and streets we must widen."

Shut down talk radio, Fox, Sean and Rush,
Make the FCC the approved purveyor of mush!

The networks, the Times; the epithets they hurled,
They seem to be reporting on an alternate world.

So, why no Christmas? Why this cal-am-it-y?
No money was left for Santa you see.

When building Santa’s workshops, he went to borrow some dough;
"Our bonuses come first; the answer is NO!"

So, personal freedoms lost out to "personal rights"...
And I heard Santa say, "will someone turn out the lights?”

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