Sunday, December 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: DREAM Act Nightmare Shot Down in Senate

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DREAM Act Nightmare Shot Down in Senate: LCR
Obamacare ruling reveals last-minute Congressional deceit: FA
MN: Santa Claus banned to avoid offending Muslims: JihadWatch

The Strangers Knocking At My Door: AmDig
DADT Repeal Isn't an End Game: Riehl
Senate Rejects First Serious Challenge to START Treaty: WZ

Surprise! CAIR Pushing DREAM Act: WZ
Government Undermined: AT
Don't DREAM It's Over: AmSpec


Don't dare get rich, say the politicians: Malkin
Members of Debt Panel: Government caused financial crisis: BlogProf
Why the Tax Compromise Won't Work: AT

How Congress Can Fight Union Corruption: Foundry
Clarice's Pieces: This (Class) War Is Lost: AT
Going to Elite College Won't Get You More Money: Reason

Climate & Energy

White House Science Czar Orders No Political Interference in Global Warming Sham: Malkin
Napolitano Says DHS to Begin Battling Climate Change as Homeland Security Issue: CNS
NASA Says Earth Is Entering A Cooling Period: Tucson Citizen


Femininican!: Zilla
The drive-by media shoots hard and fast (and falsely): Bookworm Room
The Times braces its readership for the next blow to ObamaCare: JOM

Awwwww. Fish Wrap Is Concerned For Barry After DREAM Act Defeat: RWN
Detective Comics: Batman Hires an Islamist: TAB
Tale of the Tape: Obama vs. Palin: PJM

NYT's Blow: 'Too Many Liberals Just Want to Whine': NewsBusters
Interesting assumptions underlying a study about Fox viewers’ ignorance: RWN
Palin Begins Engaging The Broader Liberal Media: Ace


New START: Increasing the Risk of Nuclear War: Foundry
Venezuela congress grants Chavez autocratic rule: LibertyPundits
Chinese Chess: WklyStd

Failed Narco-Terror-State Watch: Her “crime” was to demand justice for her daughter: Toldjah
Saturday Night Card Game (Holocaust Remembrance = Racist White Privilege): LegalIns
Are Iranian Nuke Sanctions Finally Kicking In? Ahmadinejad Announces Subsidy Cuts: WZ

Muslims in Swedish Bomber’s Town Get £550,000 To Combat Terror – Not One Single Tip Turned in: WZ
Venezuela congress grants Chavez autocratic rule: Cubachi
Western Europe's biggest mosque opens in Netherlands: Maktoob


Is China (Finally) Building an Aircraft Carrier?: Danger Room
Fun With Google Ngram: Kedrosky
Stuxnet 'virus' could be altered to attack US facilities, report warns: CSM


Tweet o' the Day: Malkin (Powers)
Obamas Not Invited To Royal Wedding; Brides's Desire To Not Be Outshined By Ms. Obama Cited: Ace
Historic Holiday Impressions: MOTUS

Image: Geoffrey Raymond Print: Cramer, Naked Short
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QOTD: " a success inhibitor injected into the body politic, Obama's policies have only served to suppress growth, punish ambition and discourage profit-maximizers. He has railed against "fat cats" on Wall Street while protecting his favored financial industry benefactors.

He threatened to "kick" the "a**es" of oil industry executives while refusing to punish the scientific lies and distortions of his own job-killing environmental czars and bureaucrats. He inveighed against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for collecting dues from international affiliates while ignoring the same practices among deep-pocketed unions.

And he bemoaned tax relief for "millionaires and billionaires" that would actually benefit wealth-producing couples who annually earn more than $250,000 and individuals who earn $200,000 or more..." -- Michelle Malkin, "Don't dare get rich, say the politicians"

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