Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Lampoon Times: "Overall warming of the atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather"

No, seriously. It's amazing what you can do with a word processor and an agenda.

Some junior cub propagandist at The New York Times named Judah Cohen is in full Blizzard Explanation Mode.

The earth continues to get warmer, yet it’s feeling a lot colder outside. Over the past few weeks, subzero temperatures in Poland claimed 66 lives; snow arrived in Seattle well before the winter solstice, and fell heavily enough in Minneapolis to make the roof of the Metrodome collapse; and last week blizzards closed Europe’s busiest airports in London and Frankfurt for days, stranding holiday travelers. The snow and record cold have invaded the Eastern United States, with more bad weather predicted... overall warming of the atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather extremes...

...But one phenomenon that may be significant is the way in which seasonal snow cover has continued to increase even as other frozen areas are shrinking. In the past two decades, snow cover has expanded across the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Siberia, just north of a series of exceptionally high mountain ranges, including the Himalayas, the Tien Shan and the Altai.

Curiously, Propaganda Boy forgets to tell us which areas are actually warming.

Most forecasts have failed to predict these colder winters, however, because the primary drivers in their models are the oceans, which have been warming even as winters have grown chillier...

Oh, wait. He narrowed it down to "the oceans".

Who's going to accurately measure the temperature of "the oceans"?

No one. That's the point. The esteemed New York Times, preferred public relations newsletter of the Democrat Party, is literally lying its ass off to cover for the United Nations' disastrous global warming scam.

What is supposed to pass for science at the "newspaper of record" are quotes like: "We’re freezing not in spite of climate change but because of it."

When Judah Cohen gets laid off from the Times, he should definitely apply as a writer at SNL.


Rose said...

Judah Cohen - the director of seasonal forecasting at an atmospheric and environmental research firm. ◼ AER is a subsidiary of ◼ Verisk Analytics Information and industry expertise to help you measure, manage, and reduce risk... they have a ◼ family of companies... ... who knows, but you need to follow the trails sometimes to see who profits from what... I didn't have time today to follow up on it, but I'm guessing it leads back to Tides and Fenton.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to keep in mind is that the whole claim about the warming of the Himalayas is probably bogus ----

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget this story:

Jim - PRS said...

So far, we have about a foot of global warming in Jersey, and we're expecting more. It's like the storms we got in the seventies when people like this guy were warning us of the coming Ice Age. Maybe the earth was warming back then too, but I just wasn't paying attention.

William Teach said...

Wait, wait, the Atlantic has warmed. Unfortunately for Judah, the real culprit for the warming is the Mid Atlantic Ridge, which has been very active for a few decades now. All those underwater volcanoes and lava spewing trenches, which cause America and Europe to move further apart, put.....heat into the ocean.

It'd be nice of the alarmists like Judah would consider actual science now and then.