Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Operation Buck Up--Stop DREAM Act Amnesty Now

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Operation Buck Up: Stop the DREAM Act amnesty bailout: Malkin
Breyer: Madison wrote Second Amendment to appease states: Hot Air
On the Court, Leftist Justice vs. the Rule of Law: PJM

Judge Declares Health Care Mandate Unconstitutional: LegalIns
Judge: Democrats, meet the Constitution: Malkin
O Picked A Bad Day To Be A Former Constitutional Law Prof: Riehl


Liberals Leave the Reservation: Foundry
We Must Kill Build America Bonds (BABs) Now!: Mish
NY Schools’ ‘Human Rights’ Curriculum Features Van Jones: BigGovt

The Cost of Unions: A&P Files For Bankruptcy: RedState
Income Taxes, Millionaires, and Billionaires: AT
Government Unions vs. Taxpayers: Pawlenty

Social Security and Broken Promises: PJM
Tax Cuts, Clearly Explained: AT
The Pigford Scandal: John Boyd, Et. Al., Exposed: RWN

Climate & Energy

Is America's Energy Policy Perverse?: Power Line
Obama’s EPA Goes After Coal Fired Energy: NoisyRoom
Despite Record Freeze, John Kerry Says Now's the Time to Act on Global Warming: GWP

The “Air Pod” Air-Powered Car Really Runs On Coal, Even Worse Than Electrics: RWN
Obama White House comes to the rescue of Golden Eagles by defeating wind farms and their own agenda: LCR
What frog science can teach us about global warming: WUWT

The Ethanol Juggernaut: Do Republicans Have the Will to Stop Big Government?: RedState
Obviously, Denial Of Globull Warming Is Like Denial Of Hitler: RWN
The Energy Equation: Practical Fact vs. Political Fiction: AT


Can the government order you to get a haircut, hippie?: Surber
Cavuto to Chris Matthews: Cram your remarks about Chris Christie’s weight up your tingle: Hot Air
Barnett: Court Decision Against ObamaCare is a Game Changer: AmSpec

FLOTUS on Deciding What Kids Eat: “We Can’t Just Leave It Up to the Parents”: GWP
Brilliant: C.S. Lewis ‘responds’ to Richard Wolffe’s arrogance about Palin: Cubachi
Obama: Pawn or Mastermind: AT


Beautiful: DOJ sues Illinois school district for not honoring Sharia law: Atlas
How Important was Hitler’s Mufti?: JihadWatch
The eurozone is in bad need of an undertaker: Evans-Pritchard

Stockholm Suicide Bomber Explosion Captured on Security Video: RWN
The British Left is Panicking: AT
Miss Baghdad Beauty Pageant: Jawa


Navy Railgun Sets New Record, Launching A Metal Bullet To Mach 7 Speeds: PopSci
Gawker Hacked: ThreatLevel
Corning's Winning App for the iPad: Barron's

The 10 Most Destructive Hacker Attacks In The Past 25 Years: Insider
The Secret Code of the 'Mona Lisa Eyes': iOTW
Billionaire Oracle CEO Wants Cash-Strapped S.F. to Pay for His America’s Cup Race: RWN


Remembering Jacob Gassen: YouTube
Investing Losses: Death by Opinion: Ritholtz
Public Service Announcemament: iOTW

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1 comment:

Old Fan said...

Great posts, except the link for Riehl.

He needs to be permanently retired.

Nothing from that source is going to lead to anything good, as he is unstable, completely off his rocker.

Telling us about Rove conspiracies with Powerline?


Doesn't matter about insight which appropriately rebukes the Disastrous Democratic Party - the Democrats are so bad, ANYONE can offer this...

But when one is dealing with sound insight, Riehl is nearly as nuts as the Democrats.

Ironically, in the wake of the Delaware fiasco, the flop of Miller is STILL taking his game to the Courts - entirely unconservative and further exposing the fashion was utterly wrong. Miller is further reduced to what he demeaned after the Primary vote. And is quickly becoming a joke.

Stunning, to be beaten by a write in vote, second time in US History, but the folly continues.

Regardless, Riehl is a prime example of a poison on Our own side, which weakens the good movement - the right side of history. Time to let the self destructive folly go.