Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: How did all that happen?

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How did all that happen?: Hanson
Obamacare Is Already Unraveling: Foundry
The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked: AT

The Top Three Tea Party Questions: AT
How Liberals Plan To Destroy The Senate With 51 Votes: RedState
Half-cocked: Christie won't fight for gun rights: Owens

King Vows to Use New Role to Fight Illegal Immigration: WZ
Ethically challenged Congressman seeks donors for slush fund: WyBlog
A Strange 10th Amendment Case: RWN


Another Union Success Story: Child-Molesting Teacher Can't Be Fired: RWN
Want To Reduce Inequality of Income? Crack Down On Illegal Immigration: Ace
80% Of Chicago Public Schools Miss Goals: CBS Chicago

Stop the State Bailouts Before They Start: Foundry
Banking on Optimism: AmSpec
GAO Refuses to Render Audit Position: Media Silent: Blumer

How Not to Help Blacks Find Employment: AT
Whalen: Freddie, Fannie Helped Create Mortgage Fraud Epidemic: ZH
Allstate sues Countrywide over toxic investments: AP

Climate & Energy

Thanks to Big Government, Oil Prices Headed for the Sky: RWN
Time Magazine blizzard science sets low standard for green journalism: WUWT
As a reliable energy source, wind blows: RedState

Of Dogma and Dopiness: Hindenblog
EPA global warming regulations no ‘end run’ around Congress: DC
Cold Snap: GM's Place


The Missing Link in the Evolution of Barack Obama: AT
WaPo: Lousy Name, Not Bad Policy, Responsible for Unpopularity of ObamaCare: NewsBusters
Sorry Liberals, Jewish Tradition is Most Compatible With Conservative Ideals: Lid

Ironic headline: White House tries to smother new 'death panel' talk: BlogProf
Rare Admission From Liberal: Education Woes Not Due to Lack of Funding: NewsBusters
Early Obama Poem Shows Davis's Hand: AT (Cashill)


The Five Best Arguments Against Sharia in the United States: Zombie
Mayor Bloomberg Worked Behind the Scenes With Islamists to Get Ground Zero Mosque Built: RWN
London is home to organizational arm of Hamas in Europe: Atlas

Great: New Black Panthers Working With Iran to Overthrow American Government: GWP
Review: Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration: GoV
Syria helped orchestrate 2006 Motoon riots: JihadWatch


Mozilla accidentally publishes user IDs and passwords hashes: Sophos
Testing the Best: Driving Fast in the Ferrari 458 Italia: PopSci
McAfee’s 2011 Cyber Attack Targets: URL Shorteners, iPhones, Geolocation Services: TechCrunch


Dead Butt Syndrome: Why Should I Exercise Again?: AWD
You'll miss me when I'm gone: MOTUS
A New Mascot for the Democrat Party: Cube

Hang in There, Nashville: Watchable Pro Football Is On the Way: JWF
Exclusive: Mugshots of the New York City Snow Plow Drivers: iOTW
Ticket Replay: President Obama narrowly escapes attack by rat or something: LAT

Image: Gateway Pundit -- Who Would Make the Worst Neighbors?
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QOTD: "The first step in getting people to accept and Congress to enact the necessary fiscal adjustments is to stop running the federal budget on a cash basis. That makes it too easy to promise benefits and incur liabilities in the future that appear to have no cost. Using accrual accounting would put current spending and future spending on an equal footing and also show people how things like raising the retirement age can produce future savings that will show up in the budget today, which could obviate the need for near-term fiscal contraction that may be economically destabilizing." -- Bruce Bartlett, The Fiscal Times

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Old Fan said...

GREAT Links !

Thanks for the LL post again.

Sorry to be away for the Holidays.

Hoping the mighty Ross and the Ross readers had a great Christmas.

Wishing all a Great New Year.

My detail finally came in, perhaps I will be on my way.

Regardless, keep up the great work.

Thanks for all.

PS: By the way, O'Donnell is under investigation, perhaps a game by some partisan complaints, but it does seem she used many campaign funds for rent?

This is a big lesson yet again, which some of our best Conservative Pundits should grasp. Fashion is utterly foolish. Never FOLLOW anything.

Delaware was a disaster, and we have to avoid this stereotype IMAGE - IDENTITY nonsense, the same fashionable self destructive mess which debased the best Conservative Interests in Washington after 2004.

We simply cannot allow this Democratic Partisan madness near any serious influence again - even if it takes getting a few weak apples on Our side.

Give the power of the Majority of Conservatives within the GOP and grow their strength in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner.

Those fools who are so insane, claiming cabals-conspiracies with ROVE and Powerline, etc., need to get some professional help, then apologize for Miller and the rest of the fiasco folly they pushed.

2012 is essential again, and frankly some of those who think they are so ultra conservative are part of the problem. They don't know "reason, logic, strategy, strength, attraction, etc", they live in a fantasy realm, which is so far from Reagan Conservatism they remind one of the fraud named Huckabee.

Such is life, hoping we survive and succeed.

Best wishes.