Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 111th Congress -- Worst ever?

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111th Congress: Worst ever?: Pundette
Kill the Lame Duck: IBD
Which Part of 'No' Doesn't Harry Reid Understand?: Tapscott

Lindsey Graham Gives Away the Game: RedState
Republican Senators’ Press Conference On START: NiceDeb
What Do the ‘Holiday Terror Warning’ Targets Have in Common?: PJM


Debt Crisis Spreads to Cities and States: RWN
Oregon proves it: Higher taxes equal less revenue: Lid
Seeds of Financial Catastrophe: AT

'Compliance': The Word That Sunk a Million U.S. Jobs: PJM
Obamacare and the Broccoli Mandate: AmSpec
Congress Should Act to Halt FDA Rationing: BigGovt

As Debt Explodes, Big Government Arrogantly Wastes: RWN
The Federal Reserve: Aging Magician of the Welfare State: AT
Sovereign Debt Crisis in Pictures: Mish

Climate & Energy

A Dalton Minimum Repeat is Shaping Up: WUWT
You know it’s bad California when green companies move out of Berkeley: WUWT
The Electric ObamaMobile Finds a Republican Friend: Wolf

Global Warming Junk Scientists Insist Record Cold Weather Is Proof of Actual Heating: GWP
Tom Toles on global warming: Surber


MSNBC's Mitchell Mourns 'Painful' End of Nancy Pelosi's 'Historic' Speakership: NewsBusters
Pelosi’s Proudest Moment as Speaker: Ramming Through Bill That Helped Get Her Party’s Ass Kicked: Powers
The Shovel Ready Media Award for Claiming Success for Obama's "Stimulus": MRC

The Righteous Retribution of Barack the Barbarian: Patterico
Dumb and Dumber Award for Matthews and Olbermann's Leftist Blatherings: MRC
Predictable: CNN Credits Obama For The Bush Tax Cuts: BlogProf


Why America Needs Nuclear Arms: AT
Damn RINO Senators Guilty of Capitulation, Sneers Firebrand Jim DeMint Lindsey Graham: Ace
Indefinite detention: We knew this was coming: TigerHawk

Harry Potter and the Honor Beating: Patterico
WikiLeaks: American Troops Horrified by Afghan Forces' Rampant Homosexuality and Pedophilia: WZ
Iranian Chaos--Spontaneous Revolt Against the Regime :Ledeen

Pro-Hamas “Israeli War Crimes” Ads to Go on Seattle Busses: GWP
AFDI's Counter-Jihad Effort: Atlas
London Bombers? What London Bombers?: Power Line


Net neutrality rules get FCC's blessing: CNet
Red Hat Sales Beat As Cloud Computing, Linux Advances Help: IBD
Report: Microsoft bringing Windows to ARM chips: CNet


Michelle Obama's Last Minute Winter Holiday Gift Guide: RightNet
‘Alternate-Universe James Hetfield Named Taco Bell Employee Of The Month’: Driscoll
On the Lunar Eclipse, Christopher Columbus and Al Gore: Malkin (Powers)

Image: Cracked: 5 Insane Barack Obama Comics You Won't Believe Are Real
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