Monday, April 02, 2012

Coupon for One Gallon of Gas

Wanda writes:

Coupon for One Gallon of Gas

I didn't realize it, but these coupons are good for one gallon of gas at all gas stations. You probably have one or two just lying around somewhere, now is the time to use them before they lose their value, and it's too late!

Which is why even the liberal Washington Post published an article declaring Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline "an act of insanity."

Sad, ain't it?


Reliapundit said...

when i first learned to drive one of those coupons gotchya a full tank!

Anonymous said...

Attendant: Do you want to fill it up?

Rocky: No. Just give me ninety dollars' worth.

-- stolen from Rocky LaPorte (one of my favorite comedians).

Matthew W said...

Should use a photo of a "Turbo Tax Timmy" fiver.