Sunday, October 05, 2014

TRUE HOLLYWOOD STUPID: The Many Faces of a Bentard

Summer intern @BiffSpackle illustrates the hilarious dips***tery of yet another left wing Hollywood crackpot.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

I have seen this behavior before. When the civilized world was threatened by communism and liberals (er, now "progressives") were similarly defending the Worker's Paradise in Stalin's Russia and then later defending Castro's Cuba, it was obvious that such people might not even wake up to the truth when it was their turn "up against the wall", where firing squads dispatched "enemies of the people."

Then as now such people put the rest of us in danger by confusing the low information voters amongst us, who help to elect and retain people who suffer similar denial.

The people better revolt pretty soon. We are running out of options to repair the madness that liberal (er, "progressives") have inflicted upon us.


Anonymous said...

Resurrecting high hair, AFLACK IT.

john jay said...


does "dipshit(t)ery" have two "t's", or just one.

i think i shall find the word useful, in future. (as the brits say.)

john jay

Beckwith said...

The result of having been reared in the people's Republic of Cambridge (Massachusetts).

Anonymous said...

Firefirefire says:

My Long Standing Opinion on the subject of Ben AFfleck has changed. This person should be allowed nowhere near a law-making position. Ever. Stupid Like this is to the Bone. I used to think it was only skin deep before. said...

Best remedy: ignore him and any movie in. In terms of these Hollywood useful idiots - and Hollywood in general -- vote with your wallet and remote control.

Anonymous said...

He's an actor. They emote for a living. When they emote real good, people clap, give them a golden doll and more money for plastic surgery. The funniest part of watching him versus Maher was how impatient he grew while he was waiting for his next chance to emote. He literally wasn't listening at all. He was just waiting for an opening so he could start emoting again. I can't imagine wanting to be an actor. They're just so silly.