Tuesday, March 09, 2010

World's dumbest blogger slams new waterboarding memos, but somehow forgets to mention Pelosi and other Dems helpfully approved process

Matthew Yglesias -- the center of the recent Morongate scandal -- is shocked and appalled at the treatment terrorists received at the hands of intelligence officials just after 9/11.

Yglesias' source? None other than the world's most respected defense and intelligence journal: Salon Magazine. Salon asserts that it has seen "recently released internal documents" that describe the brutal process of waterboarding in great detail, but it neither offers the documents up for scrutiny nor provides any sources for them.

Far be it from me to assume that this is another Rathergate-like tempest-in-a-teapot, but let's assume hypothetically that Salon's claims are all accurate.

Yglesias helpfully ignores the fact that all key Intelligence Committee members -- including current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- were briefed on the measures and glowingly approved them. Pelosi, it should be noted, has continued to lie about these briefings, claiming she was never told -- despite copious documentation that contradicts her account.

In fact, waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques have been used by American and British troops since the turn of the last century.

And, as part of their training, American special forces and naval aviators are waterboarded as a matter of course during SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) school.

But the world's dumbest blogger can't be bothered with history, logic or reason. He hates Bush. And since Bush did it, it's baaaaaaaaad. Obama gooooooood.

As an aside, my wife says we should waterboard Pelosi to get to the bottom of this.

Though she does fear for Pelosi's numerous surgical enhancements and components, which could rupture during the interrogation process, causing severe emotional distress for any onlookers.

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Ahh.. you forgot to mention that your precious Founding Father, George Washington, did not torture capture British troops, despite Gen. Washington own troops being tortured by the British.

Duncan Idaho said...

Buck, dude, the British troops were treated like that because they were troops. They were treated as prisoners of war, you know, gentleman's agreement and all that. The British troops didn't just show up out of uniform and kill civilians as their main combat goal.

Non uniformed combatants representing non-state entities ain't gonna get treated the same way. The Geneva Convention made such distinction between soldiers and militias as per their treatment.

Dude. Seriously. Don't do this.

Anonymous said...

What kind of moron attacks George Washington? Probably the greatest, most unselfish, honorable, courageous, and wise American to ever live and we have people attacking him for not torturing British soldiers? What kind of nutjob teachers did that guy have?

BlogDog said...

Yeah but if you waterboarded Pelosi, you'd just melt her. Seriously. I've seen her flying monkeys.

Val Prieto said...

Funny how Yglesias, being of Cuban descent, prefers to focus on and whine about the treatment of terrorists in Guantanamo, while ignoring the true gulag and documented torture of prisoners of conscience on the other side of the fence in Cuba.

Yglesias is the poster boy for "The Media narrative." nothing more and certainly nothing less.

SacTownMan said...

Damn Bucky you sure get around don't you?

This Astroturfing troll has been lingering around Riehl World View lately.

First a medical expert now a historian, you've got it all covered there Bucky!

More of the Soros owned brain dead at work!