Sunday, May 08, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Alinsky-ite Strategy Of The Left In Three Easy Letters

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The Alinsky-ite Strategy Of The Left In Three Easy Letters: Glob
The president's pronouns: Pundette
Rand Paul: We need the balanced budget amendment: Cubachi

Is Obama A Gunrunner?: IBD
Bush Led, Bin Laden Dead, but Where's the Credit?: Elder
TN has police, teachers in Muslim sensitivity training: Creeping

Rutgers student pleads guilty to Thought-Crime: RWN
Kloppenburg Undermining Inevitable Prosser Win: LegalIns
Thoughts on a Surreal Depression: Hanson


Fannie and Freddie: Still Mortgaging America’s Future: NewAm
Why Not a Negative Income Tax?: City Journal
Shocker: Obama-Appointee to NLRB A Pro-Union Fanatic: WZ

Amtrak Turns 40 - Called ‘Massive Failure’ by its Founder: Blaze
The Most Exciting Two Minutes in School Choice: Foundry
CA: $200K/yr. lifeguards with million-dollar pensions: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Obama: Expensive Impractical Green Energy Jobs Are the “Jobs of the Future”: GWP
House GOP (and 33 Dems) to Obama: Drill, baby, drill: Malkin
Y2Kyoto: No S***, Sherlock: SDA


Collateral Damage To Anti-Bush Mythology About The Hunt For Bin Laden: LegalIns
The President’s “current relationship with cocaine”??: Tatler
Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Wintour's Whitewash: Vogue on my Mind: Atlas

Altogether now, 'gutsy', Obama was gutsy to say OK to the bin Laden raid: Q&O
Disgusting: Obama Turns His Back on 9/11 Victim : JWF
Andrew Breitbart on mainstream media's "contempt" for Americans: CBS

Time to Celebrate?: Power Line
Traffic Nosedives for Soros’ Media Matters: BigJourn
So: if Obama made up the whole 'we got bin Laden' story to boost his poll numbers…: RWN

Yoo: Obama “Too Afraid” to Take Bin Laden Alive: RWN
Rumsfeld: Obama Admin. Should Not Be Talking About Seized Intel : Aces
The Decline and Fall of the American Empire: SDA


Evidence at bin Laden’s home raises nuclear concerns: Times
Did Zawahiri betray bin Laden?: Tatler
Osama Bin Laden's Anti-U.S. Strategy: Exploit Minority Converts: Atlas

Terrorist Home Videos: Malkin
Will Obama’s gutting of defense prevent a future Operation Geronimo?: DC
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Demands Sharia Slavery: NewsReal

China’s Cranks Up Effort to Spy on U.S. Secrets: Blaze
Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Church in Cairo – 6 Dead: GWP
Wait, The Army Has An Environmentally Friendly Projectile?: RWN


Europeanizing American Space Activities by Stealth: PJM
When Steve Jobs isn't happy, he really isn't happy: CNet
Boy targeted in probe of online attack of Gene Simmons sites: TSG


Saturday Movie Matinee: NiceDeb
What's an Outlaw to Do?: Backwoods
Woman stranded 7 weeks in Nev. wilderness found: CBS

Image: CNN
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QOTD: "Bush laid the foundation for Obama's success, a success which would not have taken place had Bush followed Obama's demands to stop harsh interrogations (even those short of waterboarding), to close so-called "black sites," to lawyer-up detainees early on, to close Gitmo, and to treat the al-Qaeda problem as a law enforcement problem.

Obama made the right decision in killing bin Laden, but it was a decision made possible by hard work that took place during the Bush years.

One of the collateral benefits of the killing of bin Laden is that more facts are coming out, and those facts debunk the malicious mythology which has been spread by the mainstream media and Democratic Party politicians and pundits about George W. Bush and the hunt for Osama bin Laden." --William A. Jacobson.

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