Saturday, May 07, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Fog of Fog

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The Fog of Fog: Malkin
Just Another O-Blunder: Cold Fury
UBL Planned to Attack Trains on 9/11 Anniversary: Fox

Gunwalker Scandal: Watergate with Murder?: BigPeace
Issa Calls Holder to Account: PJM
Was Gun Control the Ultimate Aim of 'Gunrunner'?: RWN

Allowing photos of dead U.S. soldiers, but not Bin Laden: GWP
‘Smart’ Pundits Sneer at Herman Cain: RSM
Police Find IED Near Amtrak rail in PA: Atlas


SEIU drops mask, goes full commie: Zombie
Hurray for 9.0!: Malkin
Unemployment Rate Up To 9%: LegalIns

Today's a Perfect Day to Fire TurboTax Tim Geithner: Reason
Libraries Buy Business Cards for Janitors in Illiterate Detroit: RWN
Herman Cain defends the Fair Tax: Cubachi

Climate & Energy

Governor Palin: “[Obama] Is Doing All That He Can to Manipulate the US Supply of Energy”: C4P
Mission Accomplished: Gas Average Now at $4 a Gallon: JWF
Top Green Admits: “We Are Lost!”: AmInt


Giuliani: Release the photo: Cubachi
A Cartoon Worth a Thousand Words And Then Some: Bruce
Liberal journalists working overtime to create image of Obama the Warrior: IHTM

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Mark Levin: DC
We Don't Need NPR: P&F
MSM refuses to report that GM's profits were built on the backs of taxpayers: BlogProf


Amateur Hours: Wizbang
SEALS in bin Laden raid drawn from Red Squadron: ArmyTimes
Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden's death, vows more bloodshed: Post

Londonistan erupts with tributes, funerals for bin Laden: Tatler
The PLO’s desperate defenders: CGlick
Argentina state tv to air Islamic dawah to convert non-Muslims: Creeping

Obama May Prosecute CIA Agents Who Got bin Laden Intel: Jawa
Syria kills dozens, US warns of more action (VIDEO): GlobPost
The Muslim Brotherhood Mobilizes: PJM


Google Maps Will Soon Let You See Inside Buildings: Atlantic
How Much Would an Apple iPad Cost if it Weren’t Made by Suicidal Slaves in China?: RWN
Is your iPhone obsolete? Meet PaperPhone: CNet


Exclusive video of Operation Neptune's Spear!: VikingPundit
New York man makes $120K selling 'bin Laden is dead' T-shirts: Post
Dennis Miller on Islam: Creeping

Image: Zombie
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1 comment:

Bones said...

The military planners and seal team six did a great job. It is obvious that the White House
had no plan on how to deal with the results. Conflicting reports from many sources and the lack of any control of the intelligence gained has reduced its value. If this kind of thinking had been around in WW2 it would be something like:
“Hey German guys, we captured one of your subs and got an Enigma machine and now we can read your codes.”