Monday, May 02, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Osama Bin Laden Swims With the Fishes

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Osama Bin Laden Swims With the Fishes: Malkin
More Operational Details Emerge: NRO
All About Obama: Who’s politicizing bin Laden kill?: Malkin

Quantitatively accelerating American collapse: Steyn
Dearborn: First U.S. Sharia-Compliant Muslim Enclave?: Bostom
Bachmann: Won't Rest Until Obamacare Dead: Cubachi

Gov. Brewer signs bill authorizing security fence: NewAm
Man Arrested for Reading the Bible: RWN
Cain: Government's role isn't picking winners and losers: Cubachi


About Those Oil 'Subsidies'...: AT
How Smartest President Ever Becomes One-Termer: Comment
'There's no precedent to support this': RWN

Defining 'American': MNR
La Raza Mob Shuts Down Tucson School Board Meeting: GWP
The End of the American Social Welfare State: BigGovt

Property Taxes: an ATM for the Government: Mish
Thank you, Governor Kasich!: FreedomWorks
Left Wing Hypocrisy On Gas Prices: Strata

Climate & Energy

Good News! PowerShift 2011 Climate Alarmists Plan To Walk The Talk!: RWN
CO2 and Tornadoes: Coyote Blog
Detroit Free Press on $5/gas: All is Well! All is Well!: BlogProf


When Jimmy Carter Is your best-case scenario, you're in trouble: Reynolds
Hollywood Began Its Campaign To Re-Elect Obama Last Night: LegalIns
Anti-Terry Jones Riot in Dearborn; MSM Bias on Display: Patterico

Okay, Let's Decline: Hanson
2008: Pelosi blames high gas prices on “oil men in the White House”: IHTM
Gay Man Charges Jesse Jackson With Harassment and Discrimination: Most Media Mum: NB

Audience erupts in laughter when liberal stooge calls Paul Krugman a “Nobel Prize-winning economist”: IHTM
Chris Matthews throws his panties and room key at President Obama: IHTM
Take Your Racerism and Shove It!: Zilla


UBL in Pakistan: The End of the Trail?: Belmont Club
Counterterrorism isn't hundreds of thousands of troops stationed indefinitely in distant lands: Cato
Illiterate Children Reciting the Koran on Film: NewsReal

The American Soviet: Hanson
Terror Bomb Rips Through Popular Cafe in Morocco Killing 16, Mostly Westerners: Atlas
Michael Bloomberg: Let New Immigrants Into America As Long As They Agree To Live In Detroit: Mediaite

Raid that got bin Laden was culmination of years of work, Sr. Admin officials say: WashExam
Crowd celebrates Bin Laden's death for hours outside the White House: WashExam
Hitler Informed of Usama's Death: Jawa


Local Twitter users capture raid on bin Laden: CNet
From Abbottabad, Live-Tweeting the bin Laden Attack: WSJ
Think the cloud isn't risky? Ponder these numbers: CNet


This week in Automotivators: RWN
Bridal Path: C&S
Photo Bomb of the Century: Sondrakistan

Image: via Ed Driscoll
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QOTD: "Pimco (which has now dumped US Treasuries) estimated last month that, under QE2, 70 per cent of the US Government’s debt is being bought by the Federal Reserve... In other words, under the 2011 budget, every hour of every day, the federal government spends $188 million it doesn’t have, $130 million of which is “borrowed” from itself." --Mark Steyn


Zilla said...

Another terrific round-up, as always. I'm delighted & honored to be included in today's Linx, thank you! As I tell all the A-C readers, you've got the best roundups of right minded news, you are our Billy Jack of round-ups. :)
Can you believe my husband has never seen Billy Jack? If I find out that it will air on TV I will totally DVR it and make him watch. Especially that scene with the townies & his foot.

robot said...

Thanks for the link!