Sunday, June 05, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Paul Ryan Gave One Hell Of A Campaign Speech Last Night

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Paul Ryan Gave One Hell Of A Campaign Speech Last Night: Ace
The Truth About Sarah Palin and ‘Independent’ Voters: C4P
Howard Dean warns Sarah Palin could beat Obama in 2012: Hill

Faith in God Signals Good News for Civil Society: Foundry
FBI's 'Muslim Outreach' Welcomes Another Terror-Tied Man: PJM
Teachers' Union, NAACP Lock Black Kids in Failing Schools: RS


Obama’s Mess and Allen West’s Solution: ConBlkChk
The Age of Obama #fail: Blaze
50 Things Americans Should Know About Our Economic Loss: SHN

Some Jobs to Save: IBD
White House 2009 Predictions Show Stimulus Hurt Economy: IBD
SF First-Responders Watch Man Die: RWN

Quotes o' the day: 'a horrow show for the economy': HotAir
Half of Last Month's New Jobs Came from... McDonald's: WS
The News From Cali Isn't Getting Any Better: RWN

Climate & Energy

Are we sitting on unlimited fossil-fuel resources?: HotAir
Germany Opts for Economic Suicide: AT
Romney: “The world is getting warmer”: BlogProf


Liberal Pundit on Palin: 'Refreshing to See Someone Say Screw You to People Who Treat Her Like Garbage': NB
Are Time and Mark Halperin Racist? Herman Cain Omitted Twice in GOP Oddsmaking: NB
MSM/lefty bloggers work in concert to discredit Palin, but she wins in the end: Toldjah

Levin to the rescue: Radio host “sick and tired” of pundit’s Palin smears: HotAir
Sarah Palin's bus tour: "A rolling menace": BrutHon
Paul Krugman -- In Favor of Learned Irony: RWN

The Good Candidate: RWN
‘UR SO HOT! C MY WANG?’ (Or, #WeinerGate Explained): RSM
Even Lefty Website Mediaite Says Breitbart Did Not Lie about Weinergate: RWN


Britain and France to Share Aircraft Carriers: AmPower
Top jihadist leader killed in drone strike: AT
Superman? British soldier single-handedly defeats 30 Taliban: IHTM

The Coming of the Mahdi: AT
Robert Spencer faces leftist, jihadists in Germany: Creeping
Making Sense of the Syrian Uprising: AT

Why Is a California Teachers Union So Anti-Israel?: Blaze
Egyptian cleric: We ask non-Muslims to convert, but if they don't convert or pay jizya, we fight them: JihadWatch
American Muslim calls on Muslims in America to buy guns, wage jihad (video): Creeping


LulzSec versus FBI Affiliates + Whitehats: Pastebin
Apple Is Now Worth More Than Intel And Microsoft Combined: Insider
Did Google Geek Discover ‘Space Station’ on Mars Surface?: Blaze


Let’s Talk Baseball: Terrible Ted At the Plate, Weiner’s On Deck & Michelle Obama In the Dugout: MOTUS
How The Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross Saved Charlie Sheen: AtlCityWkly
Choose MyPlate Logo Design ‘Only’ $2 Million: SHN

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