Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The fact that Microsoft's IE team is poking fun at anyone seems to me, er, rather ill-advised

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) team has traditionally sent a faux congratulatory cake to Moxilla's Firefox team whenever the latter introduces a new release.

IE team pokes fun at rapid-release Firefox 6: Matching Firefox's new rapid-release development cycle, Microsoft's Internet Explorer team has downsized the traditional congratulatory cake it sends to its browser rival...

The new cake arrived last week to Mozilla upon shipment of Firefox 6. Jonathan Nightingale, director of Firefox engineering for Mozilla, posted a photo of the cake on Flickr.

Of course, given the changes in browser market share of late...

...I'd recommend the IE team spend a little bit more time on open standards and less on spanking the Mozilla Foundation.

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A Conservative Teacher said...

I've noticed the same trends on my blog.

In fact, a couple months ago I made the switch myself from IE to chrome and haven't looked back.