Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Self-preservation is all the rage in Europe

Dan from New York:

As I’ve noted before, reports of the death of European culture are premature. Europeans will return to their roots and repel the encroachment of Islam in European societies. They’ve done it before. The French and the Germans have already thrown down their gauntlets, banning the burqa and declaring multiculturalism a failure. Now the Greeks seem to be stirring too. So when will we wake up? That’s anyone’s guess, but it won’t come before the reign of Obama ends.

Shariah Abolished for Greek Muslims

I, for one, would start by profiling Militant Quakers.


Doom said...

Oh, and the Amish! Those buggy whips are wicked.

But seriously, before Europe can kick out the muslims, they will have to dethrone the socialists. Good luck with that. Yes, that means a return to God and I don't see that happening.

carlito said...

Dick Nixon was a Quaker.

Doom said...

Ike was raised by Jehovah's Witnesses, and? You don't get "funny", do you?

I would draw a picture, but I'm an impressionist. Trust me, your stomach couldn't handle it.