Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: 5 Most Catastrophic Hidden Costs of the Obama Presidency

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The Five Catastrophic Hidden Costs of the Obama Presidency: Shiver
The Recognition of Reality: Denninger
What Really Happened to the National Cathedral in the Quake: Wire

Meet the first White House deportation waiver winners: Malkin
Unexpectedly, Dems Demonize Tea Party, play race card: Ace
Do you understand yet?: GreenMnt

Social Security’s Disability Program Faces Empty Trust Fund: Foundry
Wisconsin Republicans Rule in Recall Rebound: HE
West: Obama 'Shredding' Constitution With Stealth Amnesty: WZ


Keynesian Solutions - After Total Failure -Try, Try Again: ZH
$1.2 Trillion in Secret Loans to Wall Street Crony Capitalists: RWN
Obama Labor Dept. Redefines 'Employer', Excluding Union Bosses: BG

“White House to Scale Back Regulations on Businesses”: ProWis
Spending, not entitlements, created huge deficit: York
Union label doesn't stick at VW's Tennessee plant: Exam

Climate & Energy

Obama’s “Industrial Sabotage” Devastates the Gulf: Power Line
Standing Accused of "Climate Change Racism": RWN
No Spark: The Unanswered Questions of the Chevy Volt: RWN


Politifact-less: Surber
Tea Party: ‘Small-Minded, Fear-Driven, Superstitious Lovers of Authoritarianism’?: RSM
After Golf, Obama Visits CEO of MSNBC Parent Company: FoxNation

The Death of the Tea Party Movement (Re-re-redux): Wrinkles
Gallup: Obama’s Approval Drops to 38%: Malkin
Oh My: Obama Took Conference Call About DC Earthquake... While Remaining Resolutely On Golf Course: Ace

The Cynical Politics of Compromise: NRO
Quote of the Day: Driscoll
Roger Cohen Discovers Antisemitism: PJM

NBC: ‘Go For Broke,’ Obama! Cloward and Piven Could Not Be Reached For Comment: Driscoll
Researchers: Tea Partiers Are Xenophobic, Fear Change, And Cling Bitterly To Their Guns and Religion: Ace
Health Insurance Isn't Car Insurance: AmSpec


Israeli-Arab Crisis Approaching: Stratfor
Egyptians in Terror Attack? Warning from Egypt to Israel? Where is U.S. Leadership? Playing Golf: BRubin
Jon Voight Rides Into Jerusalem: NoisyRm

ATF Death Watch 62: Chaos vs. Control: Truth About Guns
M3 Report: Mexico in ‘civil war’ with drug gangs: Tucson Citizen (Caution: Graphic Photos)
Syrian President Assad To President Obama: Your Words Are Worthless: BigPeace


Paperless Flight Deck: 11,000 iPads going to all United and Continental pilots: MarketWatch
First malware using Android Gingerbreak root exploit: Sophos
Web Surfing At Work Can Boost Productivity: Slashdot


Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson and friend "Hawkeye": C&S
E-Mail From Ron: Denny
Top 10 funniest tweets about Gaddafi’s downfall: C&S

Image: What Really Happened to the National Cathedral in the Quake (Atlantic)
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QOTD: "If a hostile nation drove our drilling rigs out of the Gulf of Mexico, it would be an act of war." --John Hinderaker

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