Sunday, August 21, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Wanted: Candidate willing to forego the perks

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Wanted: Candidate willing to forego the perks: Pundette
Obamas Share Sacrifice at Pricey Vineyard Restaurant: Dossier
Michelle’s Separate Travel Costs Taxpayers Thousands: Dossier

While you weren’t looking, Obama passed immigration amnesty: LI
Obama's Amnesty-Light Is A Bad Dream: IBD
Brewer: Obama Acts Like a “King... Above The Law": WZ

Pelosi’s Net Worth Leaps More Than $13MM In a Year: WZ
Gunwalker and the Foundation of Liberty: PJM
Sarah Palin: Sure, she’s not running. Yep. You betcha.: Toldjah


Why Hasn’t the Recovery that Obama Promised Happened?: Kimball
The Superiority of School Vouchers Demonstrated: AT
Interest and History: Instapundit

Oops: GM says bankruptcy excuses it from repairs: MoneyRunner
Union Ain’t Wanted: The UAW’s Bad Week: RS
Do Layoffs Mean WI Teachers' Union on the Financial Ropes?: BG

Climate & Energy

Obama's EPA is Killing More Jobs than Economy Can Create: Townhall
"Freedom dies with each paper cut": Corner
Christie: “Climate change is real”: WZ

Cadillac To Build ‘Luxury’ Version of Car No One Wants: Bruce
Costco to Remove Electric Car Chargers Because Nobody’s Using Them: Malkin
Why Obama's Stimulus Program Failed, Weatherization Edition: Cramer


Darrell Issa Sticks It to the Times: Power Line
Chris Matthews: Exceptionally Idiotic: RSM
Detroit Free Press Blasts Freddie, Fannie; Somehow Miss Democrat Policies That Caused Meltdown: RWN

Blogging After America - Day Ten: Ace
Idiot Sarah Palin Screws Up Name of Company Hosting Her Town Hall: RWN
As Her Health Continues to Fail, Libs Make Movie of Lady Thatcher as Crazy Old Granny: GWP

Kwame Kilpatrick: Detroit Voters Are Indeed Stupid enough To Re-Elect Me Again: BlogProf
No Quarter: Zilla
Video: Gov. Rick Perry’s First Return To Texas from the Campaign Trail: Tatler

Resist We Much: Two Weeks of Historic Reporting by Reverend Al at MSNBC: GWP
FBI arrest affidavit unsealed in Palin harassment case: Alaska Dispatch
Elizabeth Warren’s Potential Senate Bid May Reunite Scott Brown With Tea Party: Fox


White House Mischief: Pipes
One Killed, 12 Injured After Barrage Of Hamas Rockets Slam Into Israeli Cities: WZ
Green Tax Hikes Hit U.K. Businesses: RWN

Pay attention, President Next: Mudville
American Hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison by Iranian Regime: GWP
Qaddafi and Two Sons Rumored To Have Fled Libya: Wire


Facebook Removed Jan Brewer Post Criticizing Obama’s New Immigration Policies: GWP
Blog Debunks 13-Year-Old Scientist's Solar Power Breakthrough: Wire
Verizon workers soon to be back on duty: CNet


"The Lord and the faithful will understand": Brutally Honest
Obama hits the links for 77th time: Dossier
The Humor of Ronald Reagan : ReaganClub

Image: Lowrider Oldies
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QOTD: "A vacationing U.S. President Barack Obama accused Congress on Saturday of holding back the U.S. economic recovery by blocking "common sense" measures he said would create jobs and help growth.

I'd have sworn this was from The Onion, but RD's link in the sidebar clarified that right upfront.

Sir Golfsalot, from his vacation digs there in swanky Martha's Vineyard, calls out Congress for not enacting his detailed plan to spur the economy? No, really. This is beyond parody. "--Andy at Ace o' Spades

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