Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama still doesn't get it

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Obama still doesn't get it: Betsy
Biden's Sympathy for the Devil: Pundette
What happened when Katy Perry tweeted 'Pray for Israel': Malkin

Anti-Americanism Disguised as Ethnic Studies in Tucson Schools: RWN
Back-Door Amnesty Fail: Obama Down to 44% Approval With Hispanics: WZ
Dems Using Jon Huntsman’s Words to Blast Republicans: GWP

Palin Will Make Major Announcement at Indianola Rally: GWP
Cargill gives Muslim workers gender-segregated prayer space: Creeping
Cummings: Obama should bypass Congress, dictate laws: RWN


Who didn't see this coming?: ProWis
General Motors Again Ripping Off Americans: Warranties Edition: BG
Welfare Reform Turns 15: Foundry

Economy poised to make Obama a one-termer: Pethokoukis
today’s KisP not so fun facts: Sondrakistan
Gold nears $1,900; Venezuela: BOE must ship its bullion by sea: ZH

Dem Rep Cites Racism for Black Unemployment: NB
Apology Accepted, Captain Needa: Driscoll
Something else for taxpayers to grouse about: RWN

Climate & Energy

The EPA's Looming Blackouts: IBD
Britain’s Wind Farm Scam Threatens Economic Recovery: Watts
Where will we plug in?: Wired


Koch Schools Buffet: ProWis
Who Is Richard Kramer? Director of ‘Mental Health Professionals’ Group Admits His Own Attraction to Minors: RSM
Are CNBC’s Ratings Correlated to Volatility? (Yes): BigPic

In Race To Replace Anthony Weiner, NYT Surprised To Find New Yorkers Aren't Thrilled With Obama: Ace
Coulter on media's vetting of GOP candidates: ‘Can We Get The Ad To Find Obama’s Cocaine Dealer?’: Mediaite
No Visible Obama Support in Provincetown (Massachusetts): BermanPost

Baghdad Bob: People Should Ignore Obama Vacation Pics Because He Still Gets 'Secret Messages': WZ
The New Civility, Michigan Governor Edition: BlogProf
Time Mag Movie Review: G.W.Bush and Rick Perry Just Like Blood Thirsty Conan The Barbarian: RWN


Slip-Up in Chinese military TV show reveals it waging cyber warfare against US entities: Epoch Times
It’s a Real War, Stupid. A Big War. A Worthy Challenge for America: Ledeen
Somalia’s Islamists Are … Retreating?: PJM

Get ready for Armageddon: Macleans
New Libya. An Islamic Caliphate Supporting Terror?: Lid
Glenn Beck Ignites Spark of Hope in Speech at Caesarea: NoisyRm

Ahmadinejad Again Calls For Destruction Of Israel: Cut Out “The Infected Tumor Of The Zionist Regime”: WZ
Islamic Spring… Egyptians Protest Outside Israeli Embassy Chanting “The Gas Chambers Are Ready”: GWP
World Youth Day Pilgrims Mocked, Harassed, Spit On & Threatened By Leftists in Madrid: GWP


Television Kills You, Slowly: Kedrosky
GingerMaster Is First Malware To Utilize A Root Exploit On Android 2.3: DarkReading
Tumblr's Amazing Success Shows The Importance Of Design For Startups: Insider


Our Nationally Lampooned V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N: MOTUS
Obama family participates in Minnesota parade: RollinSD
Photo Ops: Sondrakistan

10 Awesome Reasons to Live Off the Grid: BizPundit
Obama Meme – Like Sands Through The Hourglass...: SHN
Officer, Arrest That Man With The Big Breasts!: TSG

Image: iOwnTheWorld
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "It may not be quite Obama telling us to buy stocks as he did on March 6 due to attractive "profits and earnings ratios", but it is about as close as him advising it is time for everyone to do their patriotic duty and buy shares of floundering Wells Fargo:


We can't wait to hear what 'altruistic', taxpayer bailout-funded ideas the Octogenarian of Omaha had. In the meantime we wonder: just why does Obama have an economic advisory team. Oh wait, after everyone bailed on him, Obama has no economic advisors left at all. Carry on then." --Tyler Durden

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