Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: When a Civilization Goes Mad

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When a Civilization Goes Mad: Solway
Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem Is Extremely Troubling: Riehl
The "Allen West For Senate" Boomlet: Hayward

Fleebaggers hold on in WI, but GOP keeps Senate majority: Malkin
Palin And Bachmann, Not Steinem, ARE Feminism: RWN
Rick Perry’s bad, Obama-style medicine: Malkin

Reasonable Obama reasons that he's reasonable: VikingPundit
Philly's flash mobs: mayor aims at black community: CSM
If Bush said this...: TigerHawk


Rick Perry and the Texas Job Numbers: Political Math
Getting Rich the Old-Fashioned Way: Through Government: AmSpec
Obama's "Department of Jobs": FreedomWorks

Every Single One: Holder's Politicized Education Section: PJM
Obamunism + Car Industry = Impending Crash: RWN
Non-Union Boss Shot By Likely Union Member: Ace

Another Favored Obama Green Business Goes Bankrupt: RWN
Union Message for VZ Strikers: 'Open Season...Torture Them': JWF
Rep. Issa: NLRB Has Turned 'Rogue': Max


Firearms from ATF sting linked to 11 more violent crimes: LAT
As Congressman Darrell Issa Chases Fast and Furious, the New York Times Deploys Smoke Screen: BigJourn
John Cornyn demands to know why Fast and Furious supervisors got promotions: Chron


MSNBC Selectively Edits Perry Remark to Smear Him as a Racist: BigJourn
The Darrell Issa Hit Piece: Most Inaccurate NYT Article … Ever?: PJM
Citizen Journalism Stops a Liberal Meme In Its Tracks: RS

The Threat Of Liberal Judicial Activism Reaches New Heights : AT
Can Our Gun Rights Survive Boehner and Reid’s New ‘Super Congress’?: BG
Your Government -- Hard At Work: BlogProf

Whiner-in-Chief: Obama Blames “Little Blogs” And Fox News For Political Vitriol: WZ
Another Example of How the NYTimes Warps Truth: RWN
Barack Obama's 'battle bus' through the US: Telegraph

Kos’s Sexism And Homophobia: RWN
Bitter Cold Hits Hell After Nation Editor Credits Private Sector in States That Are 'Doing Quite Well': NB
Oh-bummer for ObamaCare: Norris


Obama Re-Writes History on Bush and Jerusalem: Commentary
State Department Funds Anti-American Propaganda: Commentary
Allen West Responds To CAIR Demand With One-Word Letter: “NUTS!”: WZ

Obama’s Ramadan Guest List Omits Controversial Attendees: Creeping
Special Accommodation for Sharia in Tennessee: Islamic Head Coverings Exempt from Sheriff Policies: Atlas
Germany, France Slide Toward Recession: Mish


Ever faked a cell phone call? You're not alone: CNet
Spectacular Hercules statue found in Jezreel Valley: Ynet
How to customize Google+ privacy: CNet


Finally, the Beatles Remix of Obama’s Magical Misery Tour: Nice Deb
Obama Street Art: The Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Edition : Urban Infidel
WATCH: Giant Dog Welcomes Soldier Home After Nine Months Apart: Mediaite

What happened to my telephone?: JPA
Do Rich Liberals Understand How Insulting It Is To Average Americans When They Demand Tax Increases?: Glob
The Visceral Terror of a Tea Party Presidency: 10 Thoughts on the Coming Political Warfare of 2012: Tatler

Image: Right Wing News
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Allen West for Congress

QOTD: "The gradual but unrelenting insinuation of socialist and neo-Marxist doctrine into the liberal West, after it has been reliably shown to falter or collapse wherever it has been implemented, is still another index of severe mental disconnect and maladjustment to reality. Command economies are proven to be inefficient, and the welfare state, predicated on the punitive taxation of a shrinking and increasingly insolvent productive base to subsidize ever-inflating entitlement programs, has been properly described as a gigantic Ponzi scheme. Redistributionist and womb-to-tomb security states, as Margaret Thatcher famously said, will eventually run out of other people’s money. Nevertheless, this ideological will-o’-the-wisp continues to be diligently pursued." --David Solway

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