Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photos: Why Women Live Longer Than Men

A man stands on a bucket supported by a ladder. Stability is assured by the other man -- also standing on a ladder -- who holds the bucket.

The odds of all these connections all being right? About the same odds that Jean-Claude Van Damme will pick up an Oscar next year.

Doesn't look like anything can go wrong here.

It's not a violation of the seatbelt laws if it's a dead body.

Yes, that's a canoe sitting unsecured in a moving flatbed truck. And the occupant isn't wearing a life preserver.

I hope this excavation was worth it. Like digging up platinum-covered diamonds for instance.

Trucks are overrated.

These must be the same guys who did the junction box.

Who needs a jack when we've got rocks?

Note the sign that says Clearance (inset). Maybe it was too high to be read.

The force of the bungee cord is strong with you, my son.

Hey, there was no warning sign on the bridge that said trucks not allowed!

Hey, there was no warning sign on the chair that said not to stick my head through it!

Here's the plan: you hold it real still while I pound it in with a sledgehammer while standing on the 'dozer.

New stackable bucket-ladder from Ronco!

And they say women are bad drivers?

Heavy Duty Chainsaws: they're not just for experienced professionals any more!

Hat tip: Sean. Linked by: Creative Minority Report. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

pretty funny

Anonymous said...

Damn cameras, who told them to take pictures anyway?

multiuseless said...

Heh, I've stood in the bucket to pound in the ground rod a time or two.

wheels said...

Don't forget this guy: