Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fake Paul Krugman mimics "pathologically deranged and homicidal psychopath" so well that the real Paul Krugman is forced to refute charges

If there's anyone in legacy media worthy of a satire this good, it is the despicable, left wing, hackish, slobbering, stuttering twit of a nincompoop named Paul Krugman. And that's the introductory phrase he prefers, I hear.

We truly can only hope that this Google Plus account of Paul Krugman is merely a well-orchestrated parody, because if it is indeed that of the self-styled uber-Keynesian, the time for the public outrage, his economic beliefs aside, has arrived. In a blast post..., which should immediately result in the termination of the Nobel prize winning economist if it was indeed penned by him, this particular account of "Paul Krugman" writes:

"People on twitter might be joking, but in all seriousness, we would see a bigger boost in spending and hence economic growth if the earthquake had done more damage."

Translation...well it's pretty obvious, but for those laboring under the aftermath of a full frontal lobotomy, the person who tweeted this essentially yearns for his voodoo economic religion to be validated following countless failures of Keynesianism (no, really, after this latest injection of Xx *illion dollars into the economy things will really be well), at the expense of death and destruction...

This is about as close as we will get to a Keynesian admitting that reparations for death and destruction are the only two special clauses under which fiscal stimulus does work. Which of course means that with idiots such as the poster of the above who actually thinks this, be it Krugman or some of his countless voodoo brethren, and with their proximity to the president, the only logical explanation is that a war is coming, and is being welcomed by all these s[h|c]am "economists", for whom human death and suffering is a fair tradeoff in preserving their tenure or modestly-paid, liberal publication blogging jobs. If this indeed Krugman's account, it is imperative that the NYT immediately terminate this pathologically deranged and homicidal psychopath. Institutionalization in a mentally insane ward may be a proper subsequent action.

Well, it turns out that the author of the Google+ page really wasn't Paul Krugman, but that fact certainly shouldn't change any of Durden's verbiage, in my opinion.

Because, this is the same guy arguing that the government should lie about an impending alien invasion... seriously... to justify even more government borrowing and wealth redistribution. The real Krugman was, in fact, forced to defend himself against this latest missive simply because it sounded so bizarre, so unstable, and so totalitarian that it could have only come from the real Krugman.

Or a masterful satirist.

I wonder where IowaHawk was last night?

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Whitehall said...

Liberals make use of the "broken window" fallacy ALL THE TIME!

It is a part of the green energy jobs scam too.