Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thought Experiment: Obama's Tragical Misery Bus Tour Visits the Inner City

Of course, in real life, President Obama and his advisers would no more have the cojones to visit real inner cities than they would to visit Abbottabad, Pakistan.

But imagine, for a moment, if the Obama 2012 campaign I Feel Your Pain bus tour actually made stops in the inner cities of, say, Detroit and Philadelphia.

You can just imagine the topics of the President's speech:

36 percent of Michigan children had no parent employed full-time in 2009, which is almost certainly the insidious side-effect of ATMs on society.

In July, the unemployment rate of African-American teens was 39.2 percent, a direct result of the tsunami in Japan.

Overall unemployment of African-Americans was 17 percent, which can be traced back to the riots and economic upheaval in Greece.

Flash mobs are swarming urban centers, destroying retail establishments and assaulting passers-by, the inevitable result of the Internet on civility.

Poor, inner-city kids are locked in horrible public school systems with no way out -- not because of the ACLU and the teachers' unions' repellent war against school choice and vouchers -- but because of the global uncertainty unleashed by the "Arab Spring" revolts.

In addition, the President will continue to blame the overall economic downturn on a string of "bad luck", as all presidents do in tough times.

Hat tips: Mark Levin and Sandy.

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