Monday, August 29, 2011

Critical Recall Notice For All BMW Drivers

Biff Spackle alerts us to this critical recall notice for all BMW drivers:

Hat tip: Denny.


the Other Ken said...

I'm from Massachusetts, what is this "turn signal" of which you speak?

Gordon said...

Just like taxes, turn signals are for the little guy.

straight8 said...

That particular option is not available with all option packages.

SirKnob said...

In DC a turn signal grants you the right of way over other vehicles. You simply flash it once halfway through your lane change and then run the other vehicle off the road.

This works esp great to get you in front of a line cars exiting the highway. You simply race as far in the left lane as you feel possible then swerve accross all the others, rembering to use that right of way turn signal, and cut in front of the first FORD you see, then make you exit.

It is agains the law, but a law that is never enforced can be broken greatly.

It seems to be the favored maneuver of those driving Camrys or Lexus, esp those driving while talking on the cell phone, shaving, eating or applying makeup.