Saturday, August 27, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Learning Curves, Intelligence and Rick Perry

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Learning Curves, Intelligence and Rick Perry: Bookworm
Is Holder's DOJ Partnering with Scandal-Plagued Project Vote?: JW
Left and Right Going Nuclear on Rick Perry: IBD

Michelle Returning From Vineyard on Separate Flight: Dossier
How government prosecutors have fun...: CA Tree
Obama in Real Trouble in Battle Ground State of PA: ScaredMonk

Steve Benen Fails Logic, Statistics: Patterico
Tim Scott is the tea party talent scout: Politico
Nevada Dem Candidate Helpfully Explains Pandering Strategy: DC


Unexpected: GDP Craters to 1%: JWF
Boot of Big Government Comes Down on Gibson Guitar: RWN
Gibson Guitar CEO Rips the Holder DOJ: GWP

Food Stamp Use up 74% in Just 4 Years: AllGov
QE3 Will Further Destroy U.S. Dollar: FreedomWorks
What was that about “all the money I don’t really need”?: ProWis

Climate & Energy

Comedian Al Gore: Climate Scientists Not Motivated by Money: JWF
Hellstorm 2011: The threat from Irene is overhyped, says forecaster: Hot Air
"Global Warming’s Heavy Cost": Daily Beast (Radical Warmist Extremism)


The Obama Broadcasting Corporation: Dossier
Answering Jonathan Alter's Challenge: Commentary
Jonathan Alter: Remind me again why Obama’s a bad president: Hot Air

Ten Years Ago WFAN's Mike Francesa and Chris Russo Blamed 9/11 on The Jews : Lid
NY Times issues two new corrections to Issa ‘hit piece’: DC
The Travails of the GOP Establishment: PJM

ESPN: Elite Sports Progressives’ Network: Malkin
MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Intro’d House Res. Condemning Sharpton’s “Racist,” “Anti-Semitic” Views: LI
RIP, Fairness Doctrine: PJM


Interviewing Mark Steyn: After America: Get Ready for Armageddon: RWN
DOJ Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret: IPT
Russian Central Bank To Offer Gold-Backed Loans (Or Why The Spam-Standard Is Coming To An End): ZH

Obama Administration Allowing Mexican Police To Operate On US Soil: BigPeace
Joe Biden OK With Murdering Chinese Babies: RWN
Saudi Columnist Calls on Arabs to Learn from Israel's Handling of Protests: MEMRI


Celebrating Steve Jobs’ Failures?: Foundry
The Perils of Facebook: JWF
Verizon Takes Away FTP Access, Charges For It: Consumerist


New Scandal at DoJ as Illegal Guitars End Up In Hands of Mexican Drug Lords: IowaHawk
Lady M Orders Another Round of Hurricanes!: MOTUS
today’s haute couture wtf lol omg: Sondrakistan

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QOTD: " mid-decade, in four or five years time, the U.S. taxpayer will be funding the entire cost, just in the interest payment on the debt, of the People’s Liberation Army of China. There is no real precedent in history for this. You can look at examples where Rome was besieged by the barbarians and attempted to bribe various barbarian kings to go away with sacks of gold and silver. But they didn’t as a matter of policy, require Roman taxpayers to pick up the tab for the entire Visigoth military. I mean this is unique. This is unique to us." --Mark Steyn.

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