Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Green Party vs. Tea Party, Round 1 in Napa

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Green vs. Tea, Round 1: Party Battle Napa: Zombie
The Affirmative Action President: Flopping Aces
Labor Dept. Partners With Foreign Countries to Protect Illegals: GWP

How the GOP Horse Race Is Shaping Up: RWN
Deja PBO: Driscoll
White House Issues 'Talking Points' About September 11th: Jawa


Federal government importing 1.25 million foreign workers a year: NUSA
Yes, It's a Ponzi scheme... and worse: NRO
The Unexpectedly Index: Patterico

Deja vu: One year ago, Obama promised post-vacation jobs plan: Lid
Reid 'Sure' Green Jobs in Obama Speech: NatlJrnl
Federal Spending Hits $4.1 Trillion: Cato

Government Kills Free Markets With Public-Private Partnerships: RWN
Obama to Urge Passage of Shovel-Ready Highway Programs: WZ
Warren Buffet Tax Shirker and Hypocrite: RWN


The Gunwalker Coverup Continues: ConfYank
"It's no secret that they're cleaning house.": PJM
A Fast and Furious Shuffle: Malkin

Climate & Energy

Shock Finding: The Sun Has Dominant Control Over Earth’s Climate: Malkin
Invasion of the Greenie Trolls – Whine vs. Tea: NoisyRm
Tropical storm Katia is the new Irene: Media Has Been Alerted!: AmDig


Newsweek: The John ‘Stumpy’ Pepys Years: Driscoll
9/11 Coloring Book Draws Criticism for Portrayal of Muslims: ABC
Never-Wrong Pundit Picks Obama to Win in 2012: USN&WR

Rest in Peace Jane Jamison, My CPAC Buddy ('s Blogmistress Passes): Lid
Report: Palin headed to New Hampshire after tea-party speech in Iowa this weekend: Hot Air
Leonard Pitt Jr and the 'new civility' (cont'd): Tea Party Can Go to Hell; I Intend to Help Them Get There: BlogProf

3M Claims Dem Lobbyist, ex-Clinton Staffer Lanny Davis Tried to Extort $30MM From It: Ace
Ten Years Gone—Long Gone: Driscoll
Two Major Examples of Why We Can’t Trust the Mainstream Media: PJM


Another deportation fugitive in the Obama family: Malkin
“Progressives” Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism: Creeping
Muslim Riot Breaks out at Playland Park Over Safety Rules, 10 Arrested: Atlas

Change! August 2011 Deadliest month for US in Afghanistan: BlogProf
Islamic Spring… Anti-Aircraft Missiles Flow Into Gaza From Rebel-Held Areas in Libya: GWP
Uzbek Mufti Asks Pakistani Clerics To Condone Teenage Suicide Bombers: WZ


Physicist cuts plane boarding time in half: CNet
How’s Switching NASA’s Mission From Exploring Space To Muslim Outreach Going?: RWN
This Is How Science Gets Settled: Ace


That Dummy Perry: Ace
How My Twitter Dating Strategy Failed: AmSpec
Feds go after Idaho man who shot grizzly bear to protect his family: Malkin

Image: Zombie
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QOTD: "If the president was serious about rounding up illegals he’d host a family reunion and have ICE throw a net over the South Lawn." --Doug Powers


Anonymous said...

PLEEZE "HELP ME" For Christ sake

Anonymous said...

Republican principles:

Constitutionally Limited Government.

Strong national defense.

Our rights are endowed by our creator – not government.

Rational, fiscally responsible healthcare reform – not government controlled.

Lower taxes: Consumer spending their money, not Government.

Free enterprise and small businesses drive economy, not government.

Balanced budget.

Equal right, justice and opportunity for all.