Friday, August 26, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Downward Spiral

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The Downward Spiral: AmSpec
Every Single One: Eric Holder's Politicized Compliance Section: PJM
No charges against Prosser; time for Bradley to step down: LI

More Tales From the Over Regulated State - A Series: Graybeard
Obama Rips Off the Scabs: RWN
The Shape of Schemes to Come: Wizbang

The Language of Socialism: CNS
White House Sources Dish on Michelle Obama: JWF
Bachmann's claim about Waters backed up by... Waters: Powers


IL Loses Most Jobs in Nation After Huge Tax Hikes: Foundry
Obama’s Job-Killing NLRB Strikes Again! : RS
Buffett to host high-profile fundraiser for Obama: CNN

Percent of young people employed is lowest ever: GWP
Keynesianism’s Collapse: Blumer
10 products that defined Steve Jobs' career: AP

Climate & Energy

Romney: On Second Thought, Maybe Humans Aren’t the Cause of Climate Change… Mostly: Malkin
Oil industry group's ads target Obama on Gulf drilling in key battleground states: Hill
The New GM: a Report Card: CNN Money


Faith and the Fishwrap of Record: Malkin
Kinky Friedman on Rick Perry: ‘Hell Yes’ I’d Vote for Him: BG
The narcissistic delusions of the Leftist: Bookworm

This Week In Quotes: August 19 – August 25: RWN
Jamie Radtke's RS Gathering Speech: Riehl
Comic Aims to Correct the 9/11 ‘Big Lie’?: Big Hollywood

Obama had that weird light around him...: BSfootprint
Photoshop of the Year: Driscoll
The Media's War Against Dick Cheney: NB


Which Way for American Military Power?: Loudon
Sino Mil Sec 2011 Report: RWN
Obama Justice Department Shuts Down Gibson Guitar For Breaking One of India's Laws: GWP

Protect and Defend the U.S. from EMP Threat: Foundry
What the Left Fully Understands: Pundette
Fukushima caesium leaks 'equal 168 Hiroshimas' : Telegraph


New BlackBerry phones to support Android?: CNet
"Apache Killer" tool spotted in the wild: Net Security
HFT Quote Stuffing Market Manipulation Caught In The Act: ZH


How can you put a price on an Obama vacation?: MOTUS
Found In Gaddafi Compound: Photo Album Filled With Images Of Condi Rice: Mediaite
Who says men can't multitask? Man busted for simultaneously driving, drinking beer, having sex: TSG

Image: iOwnTheWorld
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