Monday, August 15, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Betting It All and Losing

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Betting It All and Losing: The Razor
Why Perry May Be the Real Deal: Hot Air
A New Low – Obama Daily Approval: 39% Approve: GWP

Barack Obama’s Emotional State of Mind: Wehner
American Tinderbox: Mead
Veterans Rising: ‘Veterans in Defense of Liberty’: Tatler

Hey, but the anti-gun people were predicting a bloodbath!: Instapundit
King or kingmaker, Sarah Palin's heart and mind will energize: sisu
Waterloo Wrap-up: Perry embraced, Bachmann falls a little flat: Hot Air


Sweet Fancy Moses, the Unemployment Problem Is Solved!: Pundette
Obama DID Lie: Obamacare Pays for Illegal Aliens: STACLU
Clyburn Will Use Super-Committee Post to Redistribute Wealth: WZ

Geithner and Bernanke need some serious introspection: RWN
Tax On Rich Would Pay For 1 Week Of Gov’t: S&L
SEC Investigating S&P for Insider Trading on the Downgrade: Wire

Revenge Tour Begins Tomorrow: WZ
What Do We Do Now?: Pournelle
When Foodstamps Ended in Atlanta: CDN


Gowdy: ‘Impossible to Conceive’ Holder Not Aware of Gunwalker: PJM
Documents: Obama Admin. Sold Guns to Sinaloa Cartel, Allowed Cocaine into U.S.: RWN

Climate & Energy

Surprise! California high-speed rail cost explodes: Hot Air
The (polar) bear facts: Post
Pielke Sr. on the quality of global surface stations: WUWT


Obama's Cheap 'Shot: SHN
Black Conservatives Hold First Annual Conference in St. Louis: GWP
In Search of Intelligent Life: Relectant Rebel

John Bolton: " Why I May Run For President" and Why We May Need Him: RightTruth
Future Newsweek Covers : Knish
Note to WaPo's editorial board: pace yourselves, guys. It's still a long way to November 2012.: Ace

Agnostics for Perry: Simon
NYT Chides Republican Debate For Incivility: S&L
Democrats Hate that Tea Parties Are Peaceful: NRO (Charen - 2010)

Liberal Psychoses: Hanson
Wow! DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Booed & Heckled in Iowa : GWP
According to Howard Baker-supporter George Will, Obama is the 2012 Winner: Malkin


Secret peace talks between US and Taliban collapse over leaks: Telegraph
More along the lines of Fool Britannia by Peter Hitchens. "The Country Formerly Known as Great Britain." : Sipsey
UK riots: Before-and-after images of the devastation: BBC


SF Transit Police Jam Cell Phone Reception to Disrupt Protest: Greenroom
Camaro airbag spontaneously deploys while drifting : AutoBlog
Why 21st Century Warfare Is Different (and the US Military Is So Good): Ace


More New Reality: iOTW
Five People Dead, 45 Injured After Stage Collapses At Indiana State Fair: Mediate
Rembrandt work stolen from California hotel: Telegraph

Image: Image: "Whatever It Takes" --- Tacky Raccoons
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QOTD: "Some are surprised that Barack Obama – the community organizer, the hard-core leftist, the pal of Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright (compare the homes of each), the totem of the left — would buy a mansion and worry about the price of arugula. Or that when president, he would play golf more in three years than the aristocratic Bush did in eight. Or that in recessionary times, when iconic presidential sacrifice is critical, the First Family would favor Martha’s Vineyard, Vail, and Costa del Sol over the White House grounds or Camp David.

But this disconnect again is logical not aberrant. It is precisely because Obama rails about “fat cats,” “corporate jet owners,” “millionaires and billionaires,” and pontificates about “redistributive change,” “enough money,” “spread the wealth,” and “unneeded income” that he feels spiritually cleansed and so can satisfy his natural appetites for the good rarified life. On Monday swear that corporate jets blew up the budget, on Tuesday feel free to host corporate jet fly-in donors who pay $50,000 to hear you rail about the pernicious culture of corporate jets. Mutatis mutandis, so too an Al Gore or John Kerry." --Victor Davis Hanson


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