Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Federal Spending In Simple Terms

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Federal Spending In Simple Terms: NoisyRm
Strangers in a Familiar Land: Hanson
The Great Political Migration: Beast

Leftist Rips Off Video to Viciously Smear Michele Bachmann: RWN
Every Single One: Eric Holder’s Housing Section: Adams
California’s Gardasil mandate moves forward: Malkin

VFW outraged as a President snubs it for first time in history: GWP
Is Rick Perry Dumb, Or Misunderestimated?: RWN
Out: ‘US Government’ — In: ‘Federal Family’: Malkin


US In Recession Right Here, Right Now: Mish
Thousands Leave Indiana Public Schools When Given A Choice: Glob
GOP agenda: Kill regulations: Politico

Obama names VAT proponent as top economic adviser: Cato
Weiner's ostensible replacement thinks fed debt is... $4 Trillion: Ace
Obama to Unemployed: He’s Just Not That Into You: Vodkapundit

Climate & Energy

Latest EPA Move Will Shut Down 8% of US Power Generation – Like Wiping Out All Power in FL & MS: GWP
Perry vs. Gore: IBD
“Is anyone here a meteorologist?”: Flopping Aces


Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write: Cashill
Larry Derfner Fired by Jerusalem Post: AmPower
Politico Asks: 'Is Rick Perry Dumb', Goes On to Answer, Basically, No: NB

New Blue Nightmare: Clarence Thomas and the Amendment of Doom: Mead
Doubting Thomas No More: AT
CBS’ Norah O’Donnell: Dan Rather Was One of ‘The Very Best Journalists in American History’: RWN

NYT's Nick Kristof Suddenly Realizes Unemployment Is Really Bad; Wonders Why Media Isn't Reporting: Ace
Hurricane Irene Wrapup: Alarmists, Kooks, And Data, Oh My!: RWN
Michelle on Rick Perry’s smarts: You mean, compared to the economic genius in the White House?: Hot Air


Sick… Neo-Confederate Kook Ron Paul Again Blames US for 9-11 Attacks: GWP
Obama's Pretend Counterterrorism Policy: Pipes
US Ambassador to Syria Attacked in Damascus: GWP

Wikileaks Releases Thousands Of Cables Containing Unredacted Names of Agents and Sources: Ace
Meet the Left's "Shariah Defense Lobby" - Looking for 'Islamophobia' in All the Wrong Places: PJM
Wasserman Schultz Heckled at Pro-Israel Event: Shark Tank


Linux at 20: New challenges, new opportunities: InfoWorld
Fraudulent Google certificate points to Internet attack: CNet
You Know You're From IT In 1990s If ...: InfoWeek


Postcards From London 2012 Olympics: SHN
The Top 10 Apocalypse Movies: Ace
Why Apple employees avoid getting in the elevator with Steve Jobs: VentureBeat

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QOTD: "Politicians and the beneficiaries of their fiscal illusions for the past 80 years abused the Keynesian philosophy, relentlessly and dangerously pursuing the use of debt for self-aggrandizement. Today, the citizens of indebted nations bear a heavy burden and must begin repaying the debts. It is a herculean task, because the debts are mountainous. Yet, there is no choice, because investors have become intolerant of fiscal follies. They are saying no to Keynes, in other words." --Tony Crescenzi, PIMO


Anonymous said...

Obama can’t be dumb if they’re willing to show us his college transcripts!

Anonymous said...

They’ve shown show us his college transcripts, so Obama can’t be dumb?